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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

MIL-SPEC Connector, F-LINK Inter-Connect System

by OCC
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F-LINK Inter-Connect System

Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) introduces the F-LINK Inter-Connect platform, a versatile and unique connectivity component family. Born out of the proven performance of MIL-SPEC cylindrical components, the F-LINK Inter-Connect System is a cost-effective solution for commercial, industrial and military applications. The F-LINK Inter-Connect platform is a comprehensive family of connector components designed to solve a multitude of fiber optic applications, as well as enable the emerging trends and technological advances toward hybrid inter-connect systems (the combination of fiber optic and electrical power).


Multi-channel fiber optic cylindrical connectors have long been the preferred inter-connect solution for military and defense systems. Ideal for electrical or RF applications, the integration of fiber optic connectivity into cylindrical components has proven challenging, resulting in expensive connector systems.

The F-LINK Inter-Connect platform captures the proven performance of MIL-SPEC cylindrical-style components which are designed for extended operation in harsh or uncontrolled environments. Protective sealing features along with advanced materials enable F-LINK components to operate across a wide temperature and humidity range, and in high-vibration and/or corrosive environments. F-LINK's 1.25mm ceramic ferrule technology coupled with patent-pending, thermal plastic features provides a scalable, cost-effective inter-connect solution.

The flexibility of provisioning independent channels, gender-selectable plug and receptacles with superior environmental sealing positions the F-LINK Inter-Connect platform as the ideal solution for almost any application. The F-LINK Inter-Connect platform also features a comprehensive family of connector configurations, backshells and accessories. The platform is available in three shell sizes.


  • Maximum Provisioning Flexibility - All termini cavities start as blanks and are machined to provide application-specific fiber optic/electrical requirements. BLANKS can be machined for 1.25mm F/O pin or socket, 16#AWG copper pin, or 16#AWG copper socket.
  • F-LINK allows interchangeability of pin or socket insert caps, which can be provisioned into either plug or receptacle components
  • Four sealing surfaces including cap, insert body, plug and receptacle body and rear cable seal, provide IP-68 compliance and exceptional environmental sealing capabilities.
  • The F-LINK backshell system provides ease of termination, allowing extension and retraction of inner cable retention system. The backshell system is common to both fiber optic and composite cable (fiber optic and electrical).
  • Interchangeable fiber optic or composite hybrid cable retention system supports either fiber optic cable or composite hybrid cable by replacement of the cable retention system for either fiber optic or hybrid style cables.
  • 1.25mm ceramic ferrules are used within the F-LINK fiber optic termini. Electrical contacts are based on the same proven technology used in D38999 connectors. Insertion/extraction tools are common and low cost.



Insertion Loss (multimode): 0.50dB - Typical, 0.75dB - Maximum

Insertion Loss (single-mode): 0.40dB - Typical, 0.75dB - Maximum

Back Reflection (single-mode, UPC polish): -50dB - Typical, -40dB - Maximum

Operating Temperature: -40° C to + 85° C

Storage Temperature: -40° C to + 85° C

Mating Durability: 500 cycles

Impact: Method B, Omit wall pipe

Twist: ±90° rotation, one cycle/ 5sec., 1000 cycles

Cable Sealing Flex: Procedure I

Cable Retention1: 400 lbs min.

Crush Resistance: 450 lbs

Temperature Life: 250 Hr, 85 ± 2° C

Thermal Shock: Condition B-0 except 10 cycles, @ 85° C and -62° C

Physical Shock: Condition C, 5 shocks/axis

Vibration: Condition III & VI Condition C for 1.5 hr, Except III

Humidity: Type II

Water Submersion: 1M depth, 48 hours. bulkhead mounted in watertight cube

Flammability: EIA-364-8

Mud Test: 5 min. immersion, 10 cycles

Electromagnetic Effects: 20kHz, 150kHz, 14MHz, 400MHz, 600MHz, 1GHz, 2GHz, 8GHz, 10GHz, VERT. & HORZ., <-60dB

1 Uses military tactical cable for test purposes