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Surface Mount Junction Box

Junction boxes provide a central intersection point in a home or office building for a technician to access the network infrastructure. The junction box helps secure and conceal network cabling, keeping it out of sight. Although many junction boxes are made of metal, Primus Cable’s are made of plastic. Plastic junction boxes are ideal for a variety of applications including data, security, and telecom.

Plastic junction boxes are preferential since they are less expensive, and are secure for low voltage cabling which does not tend to generate overloads or sparks. The Single Gang Wall Plate Junction Box - White & Ivory measures 114mm in height, 70mm in width, and 47mm in depth. The mounting hole for installation is 63mm by 42mm. Our junction boxes are available in both white and ivory colors.

Primus Cable also carries a wide selection of wall plates like our MIG+ Wall Plates, High Density 1, 2, 3, 4, & 6 Ports - Almond, Ivory, White, Black. The MIG+ wall plate is compatible with our line of CAT 3/5E/6 and CAT 6A keystone jacks, as well as our fiber keystone jacks. These commercial grade wall plates are ideal for business and residential high speed internet, cable, and satellite connections. Give your Ethernet sockets a clean, professional appearance with our MIG+ wall plates for networking.

Primus Cable offers a fine selection of drywall brackets and mud rings to accommodate your network. A popular item is our Metal Mud-Ring Drywall Brackets, Single-Gang & Dual-Gang. Metal drywall brackets eliminate the need for a box for low voltage applications. They are also easy to install, requiring only a drywall saw and a screwdriver. Our metal mud rings are available in both single and dual gang configurations.

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Single Gang Industrial Watertight Surface Mount Box for Bulkhead RJ45 Jacks

Price: $4.20
Availability: In Stock
Primus Cable Item #: SM2O-5372/2P/WH -

    Single Gang Industrial Watertight Surface Mount Junction Box The Single Gang Industrial Watertight Surface Mount Junction Box is ideal for Bulkhead RJ45 that are subjected to wet or debris-filled environments. Our 2-port Industrial Surface boxes mount come standard with a special wall plate that mounts flush to the box creating a watertight seal. Multiple knockout points are also available in these surface mount boxes making them better equipped for different conduit applications. ...

    Single Gang Wall Plate Junction Box - White & Ivory

    Price: $1.69
    Availability: In Stock
    Primus Cable Item #: WP8-JB -

      Single Gang Junction Box Single gang wall plate junction box in our popular white & ivory colors.

      Dual-Gang Wallplate Mounting Box

      Price: $4.18
      Availability: In Stock
      Dynacom Item #: WP8-1098/DW -

        Double-Gang Wall Plate Mounting Box The Double-Gang Wall Plate Mounting Box is a perfect solution for low voltage surface mount applications. Dynacom's Wall Plate Mounting Boxes are similar to junction boxes and work well with running cable through raceway fittings. The Wall Plate Mounting boxes were designed to hide unsightly cables and help protect the cable from damage. The Dynacom Mounting Box is a surface mounted enclosure attached to the wall with screws or a sticky mounting pad. These...