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Coax Wall Plates

Coaxial Wall Plate

The coax wall plate provides security for coaxial connections as well as a neat appearance. Primus Cable provides a single port coax wall plate in both a white, and in ivory color. They measure 2.75” in width by 4.5” in height. The coax wall plate mounts flush with the wall surface, providing a clean, professional appearance.

The Wall Plate w/F-81 Insert, 1 Port, White is ideal for setting up a television coaxial connection in both residential and commercial locations. This coax wall plate comes with the necessary screws and mounting hardware for quick and easy installation. It requires only a simple screwdriver to install.

Besides just being a cosmetic improvement, the coax wall plate also protects coaxial connections. It prevents dust, insects, and foreign objects from interfering with network connections. It also prevents insects from entering the home through the wall outlet opening.

Be sure you’re stocked up before your next CATV or HD television install project. Primus Cable provides premium quality RG6 coaxial cable for HD television wiring. The Coaxial Cable, RG6 Cable, CATV, CCS 18 AWG, Dual Shielded. This CATV cable is suitable for rooftop applications for satellite dishes, cable television, and television antennas. This CATV cable is riser rated and has a UV resistant jacket. The messenger wire helps stabilize the CATV cable, keeping it from sagging when extended.

Primus Cable also provides a variety of Coaxial Connectors for CATV cable. Our coaxial connectors are durable and reliable. For maximum signal retention, the F Connector, Pro Snap N Seal Universal Coaxial Connector helps preserve the data signal in the CATV cable, and is easy to install. This F connector is compatible with both standard and quad shielded RG6 cable. Make sure you provide adequate protection for your data network by investing in quality coax wall plates from Primus Cable today.

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Wall Plate w/ F-81 Insert, 1 Port 1 Port Wall Plate w/ F-81 Insert,  f81 wall plate, f81 cat3 wall plate, wall plate, wallplate, wall plate f81 insert

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    Wall Plate w/ F-81 Insert, 1 Port This 1 port wall plate mounts flush and has a smooth professional finish. This wall plate comes with a F-81 Insert. The large size is 2.75(W) x 4.5(H) for TV hook up.

    Classic Double-Gang Wallplate

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    Dynacom Item #: WP2-###/#PXG/XX -

      Double-Gang Keystone Wall Plate Double-Gang Keystone Wall plates protect your network by keeping your connections safe from dust, physical damage, and foreign objects. We carry a variety of wall plates ranging from blank ports to twelve ports. These wall plates support CAT 3, Cat 5E, and Cat 6 Keystone Wall Jacks, Fiber Keystone Jacks, and other standard inserts. Our commercial grade wall plates are ideal for business and residential high speed internet, cable, and satellite connections. Give...