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Fiber Fusion Splicer

Fiber Fusion Splicer

Fusion splicing is the process of joining two optical fibers end-to-end using heat to bond them. The goal is to fuse the two fibers together in such a manner that light passing through the fibers is not scattered or reflected. The resulting fiber is almost as strong as the individual pieces. The heat source is usually an electric arc, but can also be a laser, gas flame, or a tungsten filament through which current is passed. Due to the sensitive nature of fiber optic cable, its best to have quality tools to prepare and terminate fiber.

The Fujikura/AFL 31S Fusion Splicer Kit is one of the worlds’ smallest and lightest portable fusion splicers on the market today. This full featured and rugged unit is unmatched in its performance in the most challenging of work environments. This fusion splicer is built for shock, moisture, and dust resistance. Transit case expedites mobility and serves as a portable work station. Its battery lasts for up to 100 splices and has extended life electrodes.

Measuring just 4.76"W x 6.38"D x 2.24"H, this fiber optic fusion splicer uses dual camera, fixed V-groove alignment technology. Its 4.5” monitor provides crystal clear image even in sunlight. Be prepared for your next fiber project with the handy Soft Strip Thermal Stripping Tool. This tool removes the tight buffer coating from 900 micron fiber optic cable with less than a pound of pulling force. Save time and money on field installs. It has self-aligning blades for precise scoring for nick free fiber.

Fusion Splicing Process

The process of fusion splicing normally involves using localized heat to melt or fuse the ends of two optical fibers together. The splicing process begins by preparing each fiber end for fusion.

Stripping the Fiber

Stripping is the act of removing the protective polymer coating around optical fiber in preparation for fusion splicing. The splicing process begins by preparing both fiber ends for fusion, which requires that all protective coating is removed or stripped from the ends of each fiber. Fiber optical stripping can be carried out by a special thermal fiber stripper tool that uses hot sulphuric acid or a controlled flow of hot air to remove the coating. There are also mechanical fiber strippers used for stripping fiber which are similar to copper wire strippers. Fiber optical stripping and preparation equipment used in fusion splicing is commercially available through a small number of specialized companies, which usually also designs machines used for fiber optical recoating.

Cleaning the Fiber

The bare fibers are cleaned using alcohol and wipes.

Cleaving the Fiber

A Fiber Cleaver is then used to cleave the fiber using the score-and-break method so that its endface is perfectly flat and perpendicular to the axis of the fiber. The quality of each fiber end is inspected using a microscope. In fusion splicing, splice loss is a direct function of the angles and quality of the two fiber-end faces. The closer to 90 degrees the cleave angle is the lower optical loss the splice will yield.

Splicing the Fibers

Current fusion splicers are either core or cladding alignment. Using one of these methods the two cleaved fibers are automatically aligned by the fusion splicer in the x,y,z plane, then are fused together. Prior to removing the spliced fiber from the fusion splicer, a proof-test performed to ensure that the splice is strong enough to survive handling, packaging and extended use. The bare fiber area is protected either by recoating or with a splice protector. A splice protector is a heat shrinkable tube with a strength membrane.

At Primus Cable you can find everything you need to prep and install fiber optic cable in the field. We supply all the necessary equipment at competitive prices. Make sure to invest in fiber optic tools you can depend on, and get the job done right the first time, every time. Thank you for visiting Primus Cable, we appreciate your business.

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Fujikura 31S Fusion Splicer Kit

Price: $2,980.00-$4,044.00
Availability: In Stock
Fujikura Item #: NPNB-S017### -

    Fujikura 31S Fusion Splicer The Fujikura 31S is a fully ruggedized, active cladding alignment fusion splicer. The dualcamera active V-groove alignment system provides consistent splicing performance in the most challenging conditions. A 6-second splice time and 25-second shrink time offers unmatched speed and productivity, while an easy-to-use touchscreen monitor provides simple and intuitive menu navigation. Interchangeable sheath clamps or fiber holders provide versatility for user...

    Fujikura 41S Fusion Splicer Kit

    Price: $4,295.00-$4,995.00
    Availability: In Stock
    Fujikura Item #: NPNB-S0170## -

      Fujikura 41S Fusion Splicer The Fujikura 41S is a fully ruggedized, active cladding alignment fusion splicer. Core sensing loss estimation technology provides the most accurate assessment of splice loss available in any active cladding alignment splicer in the world. Enabled by Warm Splice Imaging (WSI), the 41S can determine the accuracy of core alignment by evaluation of the splice during the heating process. This technology delivers splice loss estimates with a greater level of accuracy as...

      Fujikura/AFL 22S Fusion Splicer Kit

      Price: $6,349.99-$7,409.99
      Availability: Call For Shipping
      Fujikura Item #: FB33-S0161## -

        Fujikura 22S Fusion Splicer The Fujikura 22S active cladding alignment fusion splicer bridges the long standing gap between core alignment and fixed v-groove fusion splicer technology. Moveable v-grooves eliminate splicer errors due to dust and other contaminants. Despite its incredibly small size, this ruggedized, full-featured unit offers unmatched versatility for splicing in the most challenging environments. The innovative transit case and work tray provide multiple options for the best...

        Fujikura/AFL 70S+ Fusion Splicer Kit with Cleaver, Battery, Cord - S015591

        Price: $11,591.95
        Availability: Call For Shipping
        Fujikura Item #: FB33-5731 -

          Fujikura 70S+ Fusion Splicer The Fujikura 70S+ is the world’s quickest and most durable core alignment fusion splicer. It includes automated, enhanced user control features to maximize productivity. A user programmable, automated wind protector expedites the splicing process by automatically closing to initiate the splice process, and opening upon splice completion. Fully programmable "auto open sheath clamps" open one sheath clamp, after the tensile test, to prepare the fiber for removal. A...

          Fujikura/AFL Tripod Workstation Kit for AFL Fusion Splicers - S014773

          Price: $529.99
          Availability: Call For Shipping
          Fujikura Item #: FB33-4643 -

            Fujikura/AFL S014773 Portable Tripod Workstation Kit for Fusion Splicers As splicing requirements have migrated from aerial to ground level locations, a sturdy splicing workstation with the ability to adjust for uneven ground surfaces has been missing from the splicing marketplace. That problem is solved with AFL's Portable Tripod Workstation – the critical missing link in splicing productivity. The Portable Tripod Workstation offers both a sturdy work tray to support the fusion splicer,...

            Corning FuseLite Fiber Connector Holder for Fujikura/AFL Fusion Splicers

            Price: $509.99
            Availability: In Stock
            Corning Item #: SOC-HLD-CON-S-A -

              FuseLite Connector Holder for Fujikura/AFL Fusion Splicers The FuseLite® Splice-On Holder enables fast, reliable fusion splicing connectivity for local area networks and offers flexibility for repairs and restoration of connectivity and is made for FuseLite Connectors to be used with Fujikura/AFL Fusion Splicers.