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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
Patch Cables in a Panel

Your Guide to Ethernet Patch Cords

Bubble boot, molded boot, Ferrari boot. Which one do I buy??

With Primus Cable, you can never run out of options: non-booted, snag-less, booted with no bubble, flat, mini snag-less, bubble boot, and crossover. Think that’s not enough? We also carry shielded varieties of bubble boot, snag-less crossover, and outdoor patch cables.

For every type of assembly, we can help find you the right solution at a lower cost to you. Get the project done right with Primus Cable.

Non-booted patch cords

This assembly style patch cord is simple and useful. This highly economical option is great for the most bare-bones runs to connect your devices to ethernet networks. Only enjoy our top quality, money-saving patch cords.

CAT5E Ethernet Patch Cable, Non-Booted, RJ45 - RJ45

Snag-less Ferrari Boot

Commonly known as the Ferrari boot, this patch cord lies on the opposite side of the spectrum than non-booted assembly style. A flexible design allows this molded boot patch cord to easily plug in and out with minimal drag and less pull. As an added bonus, these cables can also withstand the bending and twisting that cables endure, thanks to injection molded booting. These are the desired patch cords for those who have difficulty detaching patch cords from their devices over time.

CAT5E, 6, 6A Ethernet Patch Cable, Snagless Molded Boot, RJ45 - RJ45

Booted with no bubble

Featuring mold injection boots and a slimmer finish, these easy to use patch cables are designed to have the excellent bend-relief of a molded boot without bubble boots. These patch cords are long-lasting and user-friendly. With 24 AWG conductors and gold-plated contacts, these cables can fit any installation.

CAT5E, 6, 6A Ethernet Patch Cable, Molded Boot, RJ45 - RJ45

Flat Patch Cords

There are a wide variety of uses for the flat patch cable. With a thin design and 32 AWG conductors, it is now easier than ever to run this category cable under-carpet, along baseboards, and even more. Whenever you find yourself needing a more flexible and thinner patch cord, these can be your new solution.

Flate Patch Cord Cat6


With 28 or 30 AWG conductors, mini patch cords give you the excess space in your server room for bigger projects and greater organization. Lightweight and comfortable, these are the perfect addition to your home and office space.

CAT6 Ethernet Patch Cable, Slim, Snagless Molded Boot, 30 AWG, RJ45 - RJ45

Bubble Boot

Bubble boots prevent snagging, especially when patch cords are used repeatedly. The “bubbles” present on the molded boots act as an extra layer of protection for your modular plugs’ clips that can become susceptible to wear and tear over time. They also allow you to plug in and out in one easy motion, especially useful for installers who handle patch cables frequently.

CAT5E, 6 Ethernet Patch Cable Shielded, Snagless Molded Boot, RJ45 - RJ45

Outdoor Patch Cables

With IP-67 rated outdoor patch cables, you can protect your network from the elements such as unsightly dust, moisture, and corrosion. You can rest assured knowing that your connection is safe when you have only the best outdoor-rated cable such as this, featuring Category 6 Foil Shielded Twisted Pairs (F/UTP).

CAT6 Shielded Ethernet Patch Cable, Outdoor Industrial, RJ45 - RJ45

Dual Shielded CAT 8.1

Featuring foil shielding and braid shielding, this category 8 patch cable is designed for racing speeds in the server rooms of data centers. A great way to protect signals is with shielding, and this cable has got double the protection. Enjoy clear signals with minimal interference, not to mention lightning fast internet connection when you use this connect into your devices.

CAT8.1 Ethernet Patch Cable, Dual Shielded S/FTP, Snagless Molded Boot, 40G
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