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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
LCD Mounting Brackets

LCD Mounting Brackets

TV Wall Mount Overview:

With a TV wall mount, you want to get the best option that fits your home theater and home theater installation. It will make your football season better, your hockey season, and your movies better. While you may say that a TV wall mount is just a TV wall mount. Well, it is not. They vary, not only from supplier to supplier, but also in load capacity, tilt range, TV size, and construction.

Getting the right TV wall mount will give your home theater the look you want to achieve. Clean, organized, intentional. Getting one from Primus Cable ensures that you get the quality that compares to some of the best installations around.

TV Wall Mount Buying Guide


Size – Most wall mounts have a specific range of screen sizes are compatible. Choose one that fits your TV.

Load Capacity – Be sure that your mount has a sufficient load capacity to support you television.

Tilt/Swivel Range – Depending on where you will mount the TV, you will benefit from a Tilt and Swivel that works with your setup.

Types of Wall Mounts

Flat/Fixed - This type of mount will keep the TV snug against the wall which allows for a clean look from the side of the TV. You will see no wires from the side view and the TV will remain in a fixed position as close to the wall as possible.

Flat/Tilt - This type of mount will keep the TV close to the wall, but allow for up to a 15 degree tilt. This is a great benefit when the TV is to be mounted higher on the wall such as in the case of mounting above a fireplace. The user can tilt the TV down in order to reduce glare or to make the TV easier to see from seating below.

Swing Arm - This type of mount will hold the TV off the wall in an increased distance from that of the flat or tilt mount. This mount will allow the user to swivel or pan the TV from side to side in order to increase the viewing angle of the TV. This is a beneficial option in a large room that has more than one group of seating that may be utilized in watching the TV.

Articulating - Like the swing arm this type of mount will typically protrude a few inches off the wall. The ability to pull out and pan the TV up to 180 degrees allows the TV to be viewed from 2 different adjoining rooms. Another use for this type of arm would be when installing the TV in an armoire or entertainment cabinet, the user could hide the TV inside when not in use and simply pull it out when it's time to watch TV.


Lockable – Lockable TV wall mounts will prevent stolen Televisions, ideal for public installation such as a hotel or lobby. Works great in the home too.

Design and Construction – We carry solid, toughened steel and construction.

Cable Management - Many of our TV wall mounts come equipped with cutout holes for cables to be run through for better management.

Once you have determined which TV wall mount that you need by determining the size, load, tilt/swivel range and type, and the features, order one from Primus Cable. We carry an excellent product that our customers love. We know you will as well.

For any other Home Theater Products, browse around. If you have any purchasing inquiries and questions, feel free to give us a call. 951-824-1571.

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