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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
Ethernet Patch Cables Plugged Into a Patch Panel

Patch Cables

Patch Cables

Versatile connection options come standard with Primus Cable’s patch cables. Made to connect (“patch in”) devices for seamless signal transmission, patch cables serve as essential links for any network system. You may want to simply add an optical device to your network. Or, you might need to connect legacy equipment to a newer component. With our patch cables, you can do it all.
To accommodate the different performance characteristics with Ethernet networks, we offer 3 types of patch cables: Category 5e (Cat5e) patch cables, Category 6 (Cat6) patch cables and Category 6a (Cat6a) patch cables.

These patch cables come in collection of different attributes, each with its own strength and unique capability. We have shielded and unshielded patch cables, in lengths up to 150 feet. Typically, Ethernet patch cables run anywhere up to 10 feet. The shielded patch cables include a molded boot, which helps relieve strain and stress – and results in longer-lasting cable. This category also includes CAT5E Crossover Patch Cords and Non-Booted Assembly Style Patch Cords.

A step above Category 5e patch cables, our Cat6 patch cables are ideal for Gigabit Ethernet Networks. Primus Cable has a great selection of Cat6a patch cables, able to connect a wide range of components and devices within your network. If your installation involved areas with high electromagnetic interference, check out our Cat6 1’ Shielded Ethernet Patch Cable.


It has a snag-resistant boot, twisted pair shielding to reduce alien crosstalk and can handle speeds up to 600 MHz. Each one of our Cat6 patch cables are UL listed or ETL verified – purchase with confidence! We also have CAT6 Flat Patch Cords and Cat 6 Crossover Patch Cords for your network.

Available in popular color options for easy recognition, our Cat6a patch cables can carry signals twice as fast as regular Cat6 patch cables. They’re perfect for integrating newer components into your network (printers, modems, etc.). Cat6a patch cables accommodate speeds up to 500 MHz.


With both CAT6a 10G Molded Patch Cords and CAT6a Shielded Patch Cords, you’ll enjoy abundant options for convenient, quick network upgrades and installations. With shielded patch cables in lengths up to 100 feet, you can cover plenty of ground. For complete end-to-end network solutions, Primus Cable has an impressive selection of Cat6a Keystone Jacks for easy connection with our Cat6a patch cables.

Primus Cable can keep your network running smoothly. Our patch cables, fiber patch cables and fiber optic patch cables are designed for easy installation and uncompromising performance. Plus, we offer the best prices in the industry.

If you have any questions about fiber patch cables or regular patch cables, just give us a call at 951-824-1571. Our customer service representatives can help you learn more about patch panels, or help you select an Ethernet patch cable for your network.

Thank you for considering Primus Cable as your preferred patch cable provider. We appreciate your business, whether you’re a new customer or first-time visitor to our patch cable store.

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