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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

CAT5E Ethernet Patch Cable

Running Ethernet cable around the office requires flexibility. Solid conductor bulk cable is not as pliable, and is better suited for long distance runs. CAT5E Ethernet patch cables, on the other hand, are composed of stranded copper conductors, which can bend without breaking. We supply CAT5E Ethernet patch cables manufactured of superior quality build materials with 50 Micron gold plated RJ45 contacts. Many of them also have molded, snagless boots offering strain relief.

We recommend buying CAT5E Ethernet patch cables for distances between one half foot to up to 20 feet. Common applications include: indoor LAN, voice, data, video, and security. These are available in molded snagless boot, molded boot, and non-booted assembly style versions. Safeguard your networking connections with CAT5E patch cables with molded snagless boot, preventing damage from cable snags.

CAT5E Molded Snagless Boot Patch Cable

Want to avoid potential cable damage associated with unprotected patch cords? CAT5E snagless patch cables are designed with secure release tabs so there’s no risk of cables catching on objects when being pulled. They are factory machine injection molded, and efficient to work with. The molded boot of the CAT5E snagless patch cable also provides strain relief support for the RJ45 plug.

CAT5E Molded Boot Patch Cable

Some patch cords are made with an economical molded boot design. This type of CAT 5E booted patch cord does not have a bubble over the RJ45 release tab. Available in lengths ranging from single foot to up to 100 feet, the CAT 5E booted patch cord is sold in up to eight different color jackets. Common applications include indoor home and office wiring, through non-plenum areas.

CAT5E Non-Booted Assembly Style Patch Cable

Non-booted CAT5E patch cables are a great short distance networking option for the budget conscious. It does not include a strain relief boot or bubble over the release tab. The CAT5E non-booted patch cable just provides quick and easy connectivity for indoor routers, hubs, switches, patch panels, and adapters. It has 50 Micron gold plated RJ45 contacts for corrosion resistance and improved signal conductivity.

CAT5E Crossover Patch Cable

The CAT5E crossover patch cable is typically used to connect two computing devices directly to each other without using a hub or switch. Establish easy connections from PC to PC, or from hub to hub with premium quality CAT5E crossover patch cables from Primus Cable. Ours have 50 Micron gold plated contacts for crystal clear data transmissions.

CAT5E Shielded Molded Snagless Boot Patch Cable

Networking cable being run around high voltage lines is subject to signal degradation from electrical interference. Our CAT5E shielded patch cables have aluminum foil shielding around the conductors to protect against EMI. These patch cables also have a molded snagless boot protecting the release tab. This helps prevent cable snags.

CAT5E Shielded Crossover Patch Cable

When establishing direct network connections between computing devices without using switches, and working around EMI, shielded crossover patch cables come in handy. These CAT5E shielded crossover patch cables have a TIA/EIA 568A terminated connector on one end and a 568B on the other. These patch cords also benefit from aluminum foil shielding protecting the twisted pairs from interference.

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