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VFL (Visual Fault Locator)

Fiber Fault Locators

The fiber optic visual fault locator, or VFL is an essential tool for identifying problem areas in a run of fiber optic cable. It uses a 650nm laser to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve problems in an efficient manner. Fiber optic visual fault locators are commonly used to: detect breaks in the fiber, identify defective connectors, perform continuity checks, locate loss inducing bends, and optimize fiber splices.

For a cost efficient and effective solution, We provide fiber testers which are ideal for troubleshooting fiber cable.

This fiber optic certifier stores up to 1,000 data points including: run labels, fiber type, and link information. It has a built in loss wizard to calculate the maximum allowable loss. The USB port expedites data logging, downloading, and report printing. The reporter software in this fiber optic certifier formats fiber certification reports for printing.