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EXO Crimp Frame with EXO-EX Die

SKU: TL1-6237

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EXO Crimp Frame with Black EXO Die

The EXO Crimping Tool has a reversible EXO Die for ambidextrous operation. This EXO Die set works with ezEX-RJ45 connectors for large diameter Ethernet cable. Connectors lock into tool to ensure correct, precise positioning during every crimp cycle. This crimping tool has comfortable ergonomic thermoplastic handles for extended usage. A push button lock facilitates storage. If you need to crimp EZ-RJ45 CAT5E or CAT6 plugs, we also offer the interchangeable blue die: TL1-6236

The Black EXO Crimp Die works with our
CN1-7857-Z6 / CN1-7858-Z6 - CAT6 ezEX 44 plugs for .041"-.044" insulation diameter.
CN1-7859-Z6 / CN1-7860-Z6 - CAT6/6A ezEX 48 plugs for .043"-.048" insulation diameter.
CN1-7863-Z6S / CN1-7864-Z6S / CN1-7865-Z6S - CAT6/6A ezEX 44 shielded plugs for .039"-.044" insulation diameter with external ground.
CN1-7866-Z6S / CN1-7867-Z6S / CN1-7868-Z6S - CAT6/6A ezEX 44 shielded plugs for .039"-.044" insulation diameter with internal ground.
CN1-7861-Z6S / CN1-7862-Z6S - CAT6/6A ezEX 48 shielded plugs for .043"-.048" insulation diameter.

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EZ-RJ45 Die for EXO Crimp Frame - TL1-6236


  • Single cycle crimp and flush trim
  • EXO Die is easily interchangeable, blue die is extra
  • Reversible die sets for ambidextrous operation
  • Black crimp die for ezEX-RJ45 modular plugs
  • Ergonomic thermoplastic handles for comfortable usage
  • Push button lock for easy storage
  • Connectors lock into tool for accurate positioning during crimp


What's In The Box

  • Qty 1 - EXO Crimping Tool With EXO-EX Die