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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

PoE Injector, 1 port, Gigabit

SKU: NT1-3194-S
FCC Verified logo CE Verified logo RoHS Compliant


PoE Injector, 1 Port

Our Gigabit PoE Injector takes separate inputs of power and data and converges them into a single output that simultaneously transmits data and power. PoE Injectors give network administrators the ability to pair non-PoE enabled Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) with PoE Powered Devices (PDs). PoE injectors make non-PoE switches compatible with PoE-ready networking devices such as wireless access points, IP surveillance cameras, and VoIP phones.

Product Quality

This product is compliant with IEEE 802.3af standards. This PoE Injector can auto-start and short-circuit to cut off a power supply if it is met with too high of a current or electricity. The interruption will prevent equipment burnout and avoid networking failure caused by an electricity interruption or installing error.



  • Complies with IEEE802.3af standard
  • Delivers power and data over the single cable up to 100 meters
  • Cost Saving, no power cabling for Ethernet network device
  • Advanced Auto-Sensing Algorithm enables providing power with 802.3af PD
  • Supports power classification,Auto-determine the necessary power requirements
  • High Safety with Short Circuit Protection
  • Plug & Play installation, requires no configuration
  • External 48VDC power supply


Hardware Features

Interface Network Media Power Supply LED Indicator Dimensions ( W x D x H )
2 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Port
10BASE-T: UTP category 3, 4, 5 cable (Max 100m)
EIA/TIA-568 100Ω  STP (Max 100m)
100BASE-TX: UTP category 5, 5e cable (Max 100m)
EIA/TIA-568 100Ω  STP (Max 100m)
1000BASE-T: UTP category 5, 5e, 6 cable (Max 100m)
15.4W (Max. 48VDC) PWR 3.2 x 2.1 x 0.9 in.(80.8 x 54 x 24 mm)

Software Features

Basic Function
Compatible With IEEE 802.3af Compliant PDs
Delivers Power Up To 100 Meters
Auto-Determine The Necessary Power Requirements


Certification Package Contents System Requirements Environment
FCC, CE, RoHS Gigabit PoE Injector
Power Adapter
RJ45 Cable
Installation Guide
Microsoft® Windows® 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, Vista™ or Windows 7, MAC® OS, NetWare®, UNIX® or Linux. Operating Temperature: 0º~40º (32º~104º)
Storage Temperature: -40º~70º (-40º~158º)
Operating Humidity: 10%~90% non-condensing
Storage Humidity: 5%~90% non-condensing

Additional Information

Ethernet Switch Accessories

An Ethernet network switch is a telecommunication device that receives data transmitted from a connected device and relays it to a specific device. Ethernet switches create separate collision domains per switch port, allowing for simultaneous data transfers to occur without interference. They also reduce the number of broadcast domains, and don't require heavy CPU usage. The Ethernet switch manages the flow of network traffic more efficiently and in a safer manner than repeater hubs. It allows for the flow of data between connected devices. Ethernet switches come in both managed and unmanaged varieties. Unmanaged switches are the easy to install, plug and play variety. To learn more about our Ethernet Switches please visit our overview page. Our Switches can be combined with a wide array of products such as:

What's in the box?

What's in the box?

  • Qty 1 - Gigabit PoE Injector
  • Qty 1 - Power Adapter
  • Qty 1 - RJ45 Cable
  • Qty 1 - Installation Guide