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Plenum Shielded Stranded Alarm Cable

American Made Plenum (CMP) Shielded Security Alarm Cable

Your security network is only as strong as its weakest link. Make sure your surveillance and access control systems are reinforced with reliable plenum security alarm cable. Cable must be up to code if run through environmental airflow spaces or from floor to floor. We supply plenum security cable with a CMP rated jacket for plenum networking.

Our plenum security cable is American made, and has a low smoke generating PVC jacket. This ensures it is safe to run through airflow spaces, as it generates little smoke if it burns. The Security Alarm Cable - 14/2 (19 Strand), Plenum CMP Rated, Shielded, 1000' has two 19 stranded 14 gauge copper conductors. The conductors of this plenum security cable are aluminum foil shielded to reinforce the data signal.

This plenum security cable is RoHS compliant and is suitable for wiring security systems, access control systems, intercoms, power limited controls, and audio systems. It is sold in 1,000 foot pull boxes and has sequential footage markers on the jacket so you always know how much is remaining.

Having the right tools for the job can save you both time and money on installations. With handy tools like the Cyclops 2 Coaxial Cable Stripper, you can easily cut and strip PVC jackets without damaging the shielding or conductors. It self adjusts to the jacket size of plenum security cable. Compatible with twisted pair Ethernet, multi-core cable, and fiber optic cable.

Another handy tool is the Coax and Data Cable Cutter. The rugged drop forged construction of this cable cutter makes it durable, and deliver consistent results. The corrosion resistant chrome vanadium steel protects the cable cutter in inclement weather. The dual elliptical cutting blades are precision ground to provide low effort cutting, without damaging the cable dielectric. This cable cutter is suitable for cutting shielded and unshielded twisted pair cables, and coax cable.

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