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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

MIL-SPEC Connector, COTS-83526

by OCC
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COTS M83526 2-4 CH Connector Family

Optical Cable Corporation introduces the next generation of Tactical Fiber Optic Connector family based on the retired MILPRF-83526 performance specification. This tactical fiber optic connector system features a "field convertible" hermaphroditic fiber optic plug component COTS-83526 PLUG connector with integrated strain relief and tactical cable retention systems.

Available in either 4 or 12 channel shell sizes (2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 CH options), this family of tactical fiber optic connectors also features specifications for a wide variety of harsh environment companion receptacles including Internal Jam-Nut, External Jam-Nut, and Flange Mount receptacles as well as similar companion configurations with Integrated Strain Relief systems.

At the heart of this robust family of tactical/deployable hermaphroditic fiber optic connectors is the TC1640CA ™environmentally sealed™ terminus system, which affords superior optical performance while maintaining resistance to dust, moisture or even liquid submersion.

This new terminus system features a "free-floating" environmentally sealed capability utilizing commercially available 2.5mm ceramic ferrules, relying on the Insert Cap of the COTS-83526 connectors to retain the ceramic alignment sleeve. This new termini is corrosive-resistant, easily inserts at 90™ angles to the termini retainer and functions as a "genderless" termini (can be either pin or socket) when used in the hermaphroditic design of the COTS-83526 connector system.

Why Hermaphroditic?

Hermaphroditic connectors are designed for quick deployment and gender-independent connectivity, allowing the end user to un-reel fiber cable without regard for identification of the male or female ends. The hermaphroditic design enables the transmission path to maintain polarity even with multiple cable segments daisy-chained together to extend the distance of the deployable system.


  • The M83526 is interoperable, inter-mateable in accordance with the reitred MIL-PRF-83526/16, /17 interface specification which makes it backward compatible with most fielded M83526 4 CH and 12 CH connectors and essentially using the same assembly procedures and tools.
  • Field Convertible Hermaphroditic Plug allows Plug-to-Plug assembly on a reel to be instantly provisioned for male (daisy chain) or female connectivity.
  • The Field Convertable Hermaphroditic Dust Plug Cap is instantly provisioned with mating dust cap to allow dust cap coupling.
  • Ceramic Split Sleeves are retained within the Insert Cap, preventing sleeves becoming misplaced during maintenance routines.
  • Enhanced Kevlar Retention System supports 400 lb. cable retention without degradation of optical signal.
  • Sealed Termini Design for 4 CH, 6 CH, 12 CH, and 24 CH Systems utilize Sealing, Environmental Resistance to meet IP-68 requirements.
  • COTS-83526 Integrated "Push-Pull" system allowes operators to easily terminate COTS-83526 Plugs and Receptacles in an efficient, non-complex format.
  • Dry Film Thread Lubrication extends life of mating threads, self-lubricating through repeated mating cycles.


  • Mobile Emergency Telecommunications Stations
  • Mobile Tactical Shelters
  • United States Army, Navy, and Marine Corps military tactical deployments
  • Deployable Trailers for Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Homeland Security



Insertion Loss (multimode): 0.50dB - Typical, 0.75dB - Maximum

Insertion Loss (single-mode): 0.40dB - Typical, 0.75dB - Maximum

Back Reflection (single-mode, UPC polish): -50dB - Typical, -40dB - Maximum

Operating Temperature: -54°C to + 71°C

Storage Temperature: -57°C to + 85°C

Mating Durability: 2000 cycles

Impact: Method B, Omit wall pipe

Twist: ±90° rotation, one cycle/ 5sec., 1000 cycles

Cable Sealing Flex: Procedure I

Cable Retention: 400 lbs min.

Crush Resistance: 450 lbs

Temperature Life: 250 Hr, 85 ± 2°C

Thermal Shock: Condition B-0 except 10 cycles, @ 85° C and -62° C

Physical Shock: Condition C, 5 shocks/axis

Vibration: Condition III & VI Condition C for 1.5 hr, Except III

Humidity: Type II

Salt Spray1: Condition C

Fluid Immersion: All fluids subject to 24 hours

Water Submersion: Method A, Procedure 1, 1m for 24 hours. Bulkhead mounted in watertight cube

Flammability: EIA-364-8

Mud Test2: 5 min. immersion, 10 cycles

Electromagnetic Effects1,3: 20kHz, 150kHz, 14MHz, 400MHz, 600MHz, 1GHz, 2GHz, 8GHz, 10GHz, VERT. & HORZ., <-60dB


1 Applies to ZiNi plating only
2 Sand/Topsoil substituted for Potter's Clay
3 12 CH Receptacle requires application of SRR configurations