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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

MIL-SPEC Connector, Mini Hermaphroditic Connector (MHC II)

by OCC
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MHC II Fiber Optic Connector

The requirements for today's high-speed, high-bandwidth communications systems are constantly expanding with more diverse platforms and unique environments. At the same time, smaller, lighter, more efficient packaging is being demanded to allow designers to pack more into less space.

OCC's Mini Hermaphroditic Fiber Optic/Hybrid Connector (MHC II) fills that requirement. The MHC II is designed specifically to inter-connect fiber optic channels in a small, yet effective, package. Using bayonet-style, mechanical coupling interface the plug connector is easily mated to receptacles by a simple twisting motion.

The MHC II 8 CH connector system provides maximum flexibility by allowing many combinations of fiber optic termini and electrical contacts to coexist within the same hermaphroditic connector system.

The MHC II fiber optic termini feature both pin and socket configurations to accommodate 62.5/125um, 50/125_m, 9/125_m single-mode/multimode fiber or a combination of fiber types depending upon cable construction requirements and are available in 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-CH versions. Since the connectors are hermaphroditic, two plugs can also be mated together using the same bayonet feature, allowing for end-to-end mating of multiple links, making deployments quicker.

The MHC II series hermaphroditic connector incorporates proven 1.25mm ceramic ferrule technology to achieve excellent mating durability with excellent insertion loss performance that is on par with the OCC family of connectors. The MHC II family of connectors is available in various plating/base materials to match applications, needs, including nickel-teflon, black anodized, marine brass and stainless-steel.


  • Rear locking couple-nut allows easy bayonet connection and is capable of supporting excessive cable tension.
  • Removable socket cap for easy maintenance with ceramic alignment sleeves that allow for easy field maintainability.
  • Exceptional cable retention capability; Meets TIA-455-6 cable retention spec. of 400lbs. minimum when using military tactical fiber optic cable.
  • Designed for retrofit applications with many more configuration options (8 fiber options include 2F+6E, 4F+4E, 6F+2E); Same footprint as popular connectors and fits existing panel cutouts.
  • Small form factor that provides higher density and design/ retrofit space optimization; Flange-mount connectors offer strain-relief (SRR) back shells providing TIA-544-6 cable retention.