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Mini Curtain Door Switch Sets - 4612 Series

by GRI
SKU: 4612
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Mini Curtain Door Switch Sets - 4612 Series

We have solved the curtain door installation problem with the 4612 Curtain Door Series. The 4612 resolves the left or right installation problem plus allows the installer to adapt the install dependant on the application. G.R.I.’s unique probe design allows the switch to be inserted either from the top of the switch or the bottom allowing access determined by the application.


  • Up To 3" travel
  • Reversible Probe Assembly
  • Left or Right Installation
  • Install Probe Top or Bottom
  • 3’ Armored Cable Standard
  • Magnet Mounts in Door Channel
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Made In The U.S.A.


Installation Instructions

The Mini Curtain Door Switch should be mounted as close to the edge of the curtain door as possible. Mount the switch on the door rail channel. Pay close attention to the operation of the contact and allow for adequate gap and travel for your particular installation.

Close the door. Temporarily mount the magnet with tape in one of the door indentations. Now slowly roll the door up completely to make sure the magnet does not hinder the doors’ operation in any way. Close the door while again checking for interference. Now you can adjust the magnet for travel and gap. You can alter how much opening distance is required to trigger the alarm by moving this powerful magnet closer to or further away from the switch. This flexible installation technique solves a host of problems ranging from the new, tightly tuned doors to loose fitting, worn or damaged doors. When the magnet is placed properly, permanently mount the magnet by using the plastic clamps and screws that are provided or use rivets.

Attach wires and test again by opening/closing the door. If cable guides are necessary GRI suggests using the empty switch case for the 4612, part number C-4612.

What's In The Box

  • 1 x Mini Curtain Door Switch + Mounting Hardware