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Passive Infrared Optex Motion Detector, Dual Purpose Lens

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Motion Sensor, Optex Passive Infrared, Dual Purpose Lens

This Optex Passive Infrared Motion Sensor utilizes a dual purpose lens for long range detection. Utilizing multi focus technology, this motion sensor maintains a high level of accurate sensitivity over large coverage areas. It is highly effective even in high temperature areas or in locations with low temperature contrast. Double conductive shielding and temperature compensation prevents false alarms.


  • Multi-focus optics (patent listed)
  • Double conductive shielding (patent listed)
  • Completely sealed optics with dual structure
  • Dual purpose lens
  • Temperature compensation circuit
  • False alarm protection
  • RFI protection
  • Temperature protection (CX-702 and only)
  • Disturbance-free tamper switch
  • Easy installation


Detection Method: PIR Coverage: 70 x 70ft. 85° wide (21 x 21m) Dual purpose Lens / Long range: 150 x 8ft. long range (45 x 2.4m) Detection Zones: Wide: 68 Detection Zones 2: Long: 22 Mounting Height: 5 - 12ft. (1.5 - 3.6m) Mounting Height: 2 X Wall Mount Bracket: CA-1W Ceiling Mount Bracket: CA-2C Multi-focus Optics: X Double Conductive Shielding: X Temperature Compensation Circuit: X Pulse Count: 2 / 4 Current Consumption: 5uA (standby) 10mA (LED on) Tamper Output: X Operating Temperature: +14 - +122 °F (-10 - +50℃)