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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

NET Mapper Pro Network Cable Tester w/ 4 Remotes

SKU: TL4-4873
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NET Mapper Pro Network Cable Tester

The NETmapper Pro is a hand-held multifunctional network-testing device that integrates all on-line/off™line and telephone line test functions in one cable tester. For on-line testing, this cable tester operates as a workstation, pinging network devices and illustrating the machine name/IP address/MAC address. This tone generator also identifies all the network devices including router, printer and PC host. For off-line testing, the NETmapper Pro cable tester also operates as a professional cable checker.

The NETmapper Pro has integrated digital tone generator and port-finder functions to trace and identify cables with precision. It operates as a fully functional cable tester, and is an ideal tool for professional network administrators.



  • On-Line Test: Displays the Ethernet port status 10/100, ping default router, ping DNS server and ping user defined device...etc.
  • Off-Line Test: Wiremap/twised mapping/cable length/tone generator and portfinder
  • Scans and lists all the PC host with IP address and computer host name or MAC address
  • Reporting voltage and polarity if voltage is present on pin 4/5 (telephone line)
  • Wire map for cables opened, shorted, reversed, crossed, split pairs, mis-wire, ad shield continuity
  • Displays the wiremap and cable faults with remote ID in one screen
  • Measures twisted pairs, map. and length of Cat5, Cat5E and Cat6 cables without remotes
  • Self-calibrating function allows for increased measuring accuracy when testing length of non-standard cables
  • Displays measurements in both meters and ft.
  • Port Finder function on locates corresponding socket on hub/switch
  • Digital Tone Generator sends 1K Hz tone on all pins with 4 tonalities
  • RJ45 port protection from damage due to high voltage from telephone line
  • Low battery indicator
  • On-Line Test: Displays the Ethernet port status 10/100/1000
  • Show Host Name/Scan LAN: router number/printer Number/ PC numbers/ others
  • PC Host service detects: HTTP/Telnet/DHCP/FTP and SNMP services
  • Analog and digital tone generator with single and double tone
  • Telephone Line (Off line test port): voltage display and pin display
  • 2 RJ45 connector
  • Detects POE devices and voltages