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Fiber Optic Tools

Fiber optic networks depend upon fragile components which must be installed and maintained properly in order to perform. Investing in quality fiber optic tools can save headaches and additional labor hours later on. Maximize efficiency in the field with fiber optic tools like: fusion splicers, cleavers, strippers, and cleaners.

These tools were manufactured specifically for working with fiber optic cable, and are designed for high precision, accurate results. This helps minimize losses caused by failure of the laser to propagate through the fiber. Fusion Splicers use heat to bond two pieces of fiber optic cable together so that light passes through without scattering or refracting. Localized heat from an electric arc, laser, or filament melts the ends of two optical fibers together.

You’ll want a quality fiber cleaver like the Greenlee 910CL Precision Fiber Optic Cleaver to prepare fiber for splicing. Fiber optic loss is minimized by cleaving fiber at a 90 degree angle so that the mated ends are perfectly flat against one another. This fiber optic tool is precision engineered to deliver accurate results. It works with both single and multimode fiber, and has a dust bin to collect end cuts. This fiber optic tool is good for up to 16,000 cleaves, and no batteries or power source is required. It cleaves both 250 and 900 micron fiber.

Primus Cable supplies fiber optic tools like the Greenlee ProGrip Fiber Stripper to help prepare optical cable for field installation. It has five stripping functions incorporated into one tool, working with 2.0mm and 3.0mm fiber cables, as well as 900/125 micron and 250/125 micron fiber. It is factory set and calibrated, with cushioned handles for comfort.

At Primus Cable you can find everything you need to prep and install fiber optic cable in the field. We supply all the necessary equipment at competitive prices. Make sure to invest in fiber optic tools you can depend on, and get the job done right the first time, every time. Thank you for visiting Primus Cable, we appreciate your business.

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