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Cross Connect Wire

Cross Connect Wire, Telco Networking

Cross connect wire is utilized for phone system interconnections for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Primus Cable supplies single pair 24 gauge cross connect wire on spools of 1,000 feet. It is unjacketed, consisting of solid bare copper conductors with PVC insulation.

Cross connect wire has a minimum of two twists per foot. Type F and Type H cross connect wire has at least three twists per foot. It must have a minimum of 12 twists per foot for Category 5 compatibility. The Cross Connect Wire, Type F, 1 Pair 24AWG, Min. 2 Twists/Ft, Bandmarked Jacket, 1000Ft Spool is commonly used with 110 and 66 blocks.

Primus Cable supplies this cross connect wire on spools of blue, green, orange, and red color wires. It is a very flexible and cost effective solution for your telco application. Telco Blocks are used to connect phone systems to data networks. We supply both 66 blocks and 110 blocks for high performance telecommunications systems.

Primus Cable also provides Telco Tools for cutting, stripping, terminating, and testing voice grade wire and cable. Our tools are made of excellent quality materials to deliver precise, accurate results. These are quality manufactured to serve a long useful life and function comfortably for extended usage.

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Cross Connect Wire, 1 Pair 24AWG, Min. 2 Twists/Ft, Bandmarked Jacket

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    Cross Connect Wire, 1 Pair 24AWG, 1000Ft Spool Standard cross connect wire single pair. Wire comes in 24 gauge (AWG) on a 1000 feet on a spool. This wire comes non-jacketed and is use with 110 and 66 blocks.