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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

CAT6 110 Field Termination Kits, Tower Mount - 288, 576 and 864-Pair

by Dynacom
SKU: PP7-4517/288
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CAT6 Rack Mount Field Termination Kits

The CAT6 110 Field Termination Kits are commonly used as an interconnect between the patch panels and the power outlet boxes. Because these CAT6 110 Field Termination Kits do not have legs, they are able to be mounted flush against the wall or backboard. These wiring blocks are ideal for voice and data applications where a lot of terminations are necessary. The Field Termination Kits are preferred because of the high density capabilities it offers. These Kits allow the possibility to get a higher number of connections in 288, 576 or 864 pair wiring blocks because the connection blocks allow for more terminations.

Connecting Blocks work directly with the CAT6 Field Termination Kits by interconnecting two different cables. One cable may be directly terminated on the wiring block and then covered and secured by a connection block. The IDC terminals on top the connection blocks and the terminals on the bottom of the connection blocks allow for connectivity between the two cables. Connecting Blocks are typically found in 3 Pair, 4 Pair, or 5 Pair connector clips and can significantly improve the number of connections the wiring block can hold.

The Field Termination Kit requires proper labeling and includes label strips and holders. It is extremely beneficial to label the cables and terminations because of the high density capabilities. Dynacom's CAT6 Field Termination Kit feature legs which allow the wiring block to be mounted directly on to the wall. The CAT6 Wiring Block from Dynacom does not require a bracket in order to mount.

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  • Includes Wiring Blocks, Connecting Clips, Labels, and Label Holders
  • Cable access openings allow cables to be routed through wiring blocks directly to point of termination.
  • Wiring blocks available with or without detachable legs which can be removed during or after termination.
  • Field terminated patch plugs allow custom length patch cords to be assembled in the field.
  • High definition color coding and tip and ring designation make conductor placement and termination simple.
  • Rack Mountable and Provides a reliable, cost-effective, front terminated solution.
  • Total interoperability with existing 110 systems.
  • Flexible solution consisting of 96, 192, and 288-pair wiring blocks, 3, 4 and 5 Connecting Clips, and a complete line of accessories.
  • Verified to exceed TIA-568-C.2 Category 6 Component specifications. Connecting Blocks Material: Polycarbonate UL 94V-0.
  • Contact material: Phosphor bronze.
  • Contact plating: Lead-free Tin.
  • Conductor type: Solid or stranded (7).
  • Conductor: Solid or stranded 26-22 AWG.
  • Wiring Blocks Material: Polycarbonate UL 94V-0.
  • Conductor: Solid or stranded 26-22 AWG.
  • UL and cUL Listed.



Specifications Specifications

Additional Information

Telco Block Accessories

Telco blocks are utilized to connect phone systems to data networks. There are two popular forms of telco blocks: the 66 block and the 110 block. The 66 block is quite common in modern phone systems, as they simplify connecting multiple phone lines. The 66 block is also referred to as B-blocks, M-blocks, and as split-50 blocks. We also have Cable Distribution Spools, or mushroom posts for managing your cross connect wire. It is designed for mounting onto walls or other surfaces to help support and guide your cross connect wire. Our cable distribution spools are also ideal for CAT3 cable for telephone applications.

To learn more about our Telco Block Accessories please visit our overview page. Our CAT6 110 Field Termination Kits can be combined with a wide array of products such as:

What’s In The Box

What’s In The Box

  • Qty 1 - 110 Field Termination Kit