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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
Network Cable Testers

Network Cable Testers

Network Cable Testers

There is nothing worse than running your drops only to learn that you have a fault in one of the cable runs. Get it right the first time, get it right by choosing and using the right LAN Cable Testers. We offer a variety of cable testers, which are a must have to quickly and easily verify the integrity of Ethernet twisted pair cables. Our LAN testers will test twisted pair cables for open pairs, shorted pairs, reversed pairs, crossed pairs and split pairs. Network cable testers vary in complexity and price, but a basic tester consists of a source of electrical current and a measuring device. After that, cable testers vary in complexity and ability to do various testing.

4 Types of Network Cable Testing

Network Channel Testing – Channel testing verifies the performance of the network from the workstation to the hub/switch. While this includes patch cords, it is not an accurate testing method for cable testing patch cords. This test ensures that the entire cable system is capable of handling network traffic.

Professional LAN Tester

Permanent Link Testing – When a cable installation takes place, an installer or installation team pulls the cables, terminates them on patch panels and keystone jacks, and tests the performance of the permanent link. The permanent link is the portion of the install cabling that is a “permanent” infrastructure in the building. Permanent Link Testing measures cable length, NEXT, return loss, and FEXT.

Link Tester, Tone and Probe

Continuity Testing – Continuity Testing is the most basic form of testing that determines if an electrical path can be established between two points. These types of testers look for opens, shorts or crossed connections. For Ethernet, this type of testing does not confirm network transmission capability. The most common mistake in cable pin-out is an EIA568 A to B cross.

Basic LAN Tester, Professional LAN Tester

Wire Mapping / LAN & Cable Testing – With a Wire Mapping Tester, you get a more detailed report of how your cable is wired/paired. All faults and setting info is displayed textually as well as graphically. There are many levels of how well a cable tester can map. For example, TDR technology can determine if the fault lies at the near end or remote end of the cable or if it is somewhere in between. Some can even indicate the distance to the fault as well as determine the length of the cable or cable run being tested.

Economic LAN Tester, Professional LAN Tester

Because so many types of signals can be transmitted over a network cable, the most common test equipment is for cat5E and Cat6 Ethernet Cable. It is the most common type of cable—therefore, it is the most common type of cable tester. It is important to make sure your installation works correctly by testing and troubleshooting your network.

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