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Outdoor Cable

Outdoor Cable: Safeguard Your Network From Harsh Weather Conditions

Why Outdoor Ethernet Cable is Needed

When running cable outdoors, extra precautions need to be taken to ensure your cable wont deteriorate when exposed to the harsh environmental conditions. Over time, UV exposure, humidity, temperature and electrical interference can wreak havoc on your signal. Sure, PVC and conduit can help to minimize the exposure, but sometimes that alone is not enough. This is where outdoor cable steps in.

Outdoor ethernet cable (CMX), was designed to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. Through a combination of shielding, water blocking technology, and UV resistant jackets, our outdoor cable is in it for the long haul. Primus Cable offers a variety of outdoor cable, from CAT5E to CAT6 and CAT6A. Ensure that your network is long lasting by picking the right outdoor cable for you. 

The Types of Outdoor Cable

There are really just 3 different types of outdoor cable: Outdoor, Aerial, and Direct Burial. The type needed depends on the application, and each type has different levels of environmental protection. 

Outdoor Cable

This type offers the lowest amount of protection. This outdoor cable is the perfect fit for installations where the cable will be outside and above ground. Our CMX rated outdoor cable is designed for residential outdoor LAN applications and is resistant to cracking after long-term UV exposure, making it the ideal solution for installation runs that require the cable to be exposed to the elements. This cable is relatively inexpensive when compared to the other outdoor options and can come in shielded or unshielded variations. For a shielded option, check out our CAT6A Shielded outdoor cable, C6AXE-1507, pictured below.

Surviving the Great Outdoors- A Closer Look into Outdoor Shielded Cable

Shielded Outdoor Cable

This CAT6A outdoor cable comes with the aforementioned, UV resistant jacket. This jacket ensures that the cable will not deteriorate over time from exposure to the sun. This particular cable also includes an aluminum foil shielding which helps eliminate and protect against electrical interference that could impede your signal. Check out our full selection of Bulk Outdoor Ethernet Cable! 

Aerial Cable

Aerial Cable combines the same UV resistant CMX jacket, with added messenger wire so that it can be used for aerial installations where the cable is secured from poles or posts. This type of cable is available in both shielded and unshielded options. The shielded options includes an aluminum foil shielding which helps eliminate and protect against electrical interferences that could impede your signal. This is especially important if multiple cables are being run from the same pole or post. For a shielded option, check out our CAT6 Shielded Aerial cable, C6CMXSM-1919, pictured below.

From Pole to Pole- Why Outdoor Aerial Cable Relies on Messenger Wire

Shielded Aerial Outdoor Cable

This Shielded Outdoor Aerial CAT6 Cable With Messenger is the perfect fit for installations where the cable will be supported by posts or poles. On top of having a UV Resistant Jacket and aluminum foil shielding, this cable comes equipped with steel messenger wire that helps eliminate drooping and sagging when the cable is pulled tight. This messenger wire also provides strain relief to take stress off of the copper within the cable. The steel cable absorbs the tension caused by pulling on the aerial cable and helps ensure that the copper cable does not bend or break. Our Shielded Category 6 Aerial Outdoor Cable With Messenger is designed for residential outdoor aerial LAN application. Check out our selection of Bulk Aerial Cable!

Direct Burial Cable

Direct Burial Cable is the highest level of outdoor environmental resistance available. This cable starts off with the same high quality UV resistant CMX jacket that the other types have. These cables then usually add some form of aluminum shielding, as well as a layer of water blocking technology. For example, Primus Cable offers the C5CMXT-2152BKWS, a CAT5E Direct Burial cable that incorporates water blocking tape as an additional safeguard for the cable.

How Does Water Blocking Cable work? The Anatomy of Direct Burial Cable

Moisture protection becomes necessary when burying cable with or without conduit. There are 3 main methods of water blocking for direct burial cable: water blocking dry gel tape, an additional PVC jacket, or water blocking gel. Below is an image of our C6CMXT-2045BK, a direct burial cable that uses the dry gel tape.


Shielded Water Blocking Direct Burial CAT6 Ethernet Cable

As you can see from the image, there are multiple layers of protection built into the cable. It starts with the UV resistant CMX jacket to make sure that the cable can survive sun exposure. It follows that up with aluminum shielding which helps eliminate and protect against electrical interferences that could impede your signal. The real kicker comes in the water blocking tape. This tape starts off dry to the touch but activates quickly once it comes in contact with water. Once activated, the tape begins to swell and assume a gel like form blocking all water from reaching the conductors. Check out our selection of Bulk Direct Burial Cable!


So there you have it, Outdoor Cable in a nutshell. When running cable outdoors, make sure you take the extra precautions to ensure your cable can survive the harsh environment. Here at PrimusCable, we offer a variety of Bulk Outdoor Cable to meet all of your network needs and ensure your network is long lasting!

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