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Terminating MIG + Jack

Terminating MIG + Jack

What is MIG+?

It’s simple. MIG+ is Primus Cable’s very own superior, first-class line of products. Our MIG+ line is engineered to deliver exceptional performance while streamlining installations. Overall, the MIG+ keystone jack has unparalleled quality. Each of our MIG+ products conform to EIA/TIA standards and are UL listed and/or ETL verified. At Primus Cable, we aim to meet and exceed industry standards.

MIG+ Products

MIG+ Keystone Jacks – Our MIG+ jacks utilize Press-Fit Technology to ensure a reliable gas tight connection for unprecedented performance. Press-Fit Technology (PFT) is a more solid connection method that force fits a contact pin into the plate through a printed circuit board. The radial pressure produces a high quality and gas-tight electrical connection. The small form-factor of our jacks makes them ideal for high density installations. The gold plated prongs offer ultimate signal transmission clarity. For durability, MIG+ jacks feature phosphor bronze IDC contacts. Phosphor bronze is a very durable alloy with excellent conductivity and outstanding resistance to wear and corrosion. Our MIG+ line also features fire retardant plastic housing to protect your connection from the elements.

CAT3 MIG+ Jacks, CAT5E MIG+ Jacks, and CAT6 MIG+ Keystone Jacks

MIG+ Cat6 RJ45 Keystone Jack

MIG+ Punchdown Tool – This high quality punch down tool helps installers connect wires to MIG jacks in a simple squeeze of the handle. It is a time saver for installers connecting cable wires to our line of MIG+ keystone jacks.

One Squeeze Termination Punch-Down Tool for MIG+ 90° Keystone Jacks

MIG+ CAT6 Plenum Cable – Primus Cable’s MIG+ CAT6 Plenum is a UL listed cable that allows it to be installed on any job with strict code requirements. It tests up to 550 MHz. The cable is a stout 23AWG solid bare copper wire that ensures a low resistance level and a robust cable connections. This cable is fully compatible with 10/100/1000Bast-T, 100Base-VG, and Gigabit Ethernet.

Primus Cable’s MIG+ CAT6 Plenum

How to Terminate MIG+ Jacks :

  • Step 1: Seat each wire in place according to the color scheme map.
  • Step 2: Position the MIG+ keystone jack in the Punch Down Tool.
  • Step 3: Compress the handle, wires will be terminated and extra wires will be cut.
  • Step 4: Remove jack from tool snap on cover and your termination is complete.
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