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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

HDMI 2.0 ATC Certified Premium Cable, Male to Male, 18Gps, 3ft - 23ft, 4K, 60Hz, Game Ready

SKU: AV4-6327-3C
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HDMI 2.0 ATC Certified Premium Cable

HDMI 2.0 ATC Certified Premium Cable

These HDMI 2.0 ATC Certified Premium Cables are designed to handle more bandwidth to support the future's high resolution Televisions. TV compatibility continues to move toward Ultra High Definition 4K and like the TVs, the cables also have to move forward towards this future technology. That is why we have designed a HDMI 2.0 Cable that supports 4K up to 60fps. This allows for full-resolution 4K 3D, along with higher frame rate content, like home videos and computer games.

Why update to HDMI 2.0

The most important upgrade from HDMI 1.4 to HDMI 2.0 is the increase of the size of the "pipe" transmitting data from the source to the display. HDMI 2.0 supports dual video streams, so you can get two full HD shows on the same screen at the same time. With HDMI 2.0 Cables, it is now possible to watch TV and play video games all at the same time. It also allows for even quality in lower-resolution images, making them more vibrant and adding much needed pixels per inch. HDMI 2.0 also brings the needed 60Hz to the 4K resolution, which makes gaming much smoother. This can make all the difference in FPS and other intense games.

Outlast The Competition

Products are reaching the market with the latest HDMI-enabled high-performance digital audio and video features, and a vital component in successfully delivering those features is the HDMI cable. The Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program is the new program introduced from the creators of HDMI technology. It encompasses additional and enhanced cable testing as well as an authentication and verification program. Cables are tested to ensure they support the full 18Gbps bandwidth from the HDMI 2.0b specification, plus an EMI test to ensure cables transmit and receive as little interference as possible. Know that when 4K becomes the standard resolution in the future you will already be prepared with this premium HDMI 2.0 cable. 

Jacket Type In-Wall Installation Flame Resistant Wattage Rated Ventilation Installation
Regular N/A N/A N/A N/A
CL2 Yes Yes 150 Watts N/A
CL3 Yes Yes 300 Watts N/A

RoHS Compliant-Primus CableHDMI Premium Certified Cable - Primus CableHDMI High Speed Internet with Ethernet-Primus Cable4K Ultra HD - Primus Cable

Reasons to have Certified Premium HDMI Cables

  1. Performance and Value. Premium HDMI Cables are relied upon for higher performance and value, and are the only cables to be tested and certified by HDMI Authorized Test Centers to ensure they support high-bandwidth HDMI 2.0b specification-enabled features.
  2. Testing is Comprehensive. Cables are tested to the full 18Gbps and with an EMI test, and every length of every model line is tested and certified through an Authorized Testing Center (ATC).
  3. Trust the Cable with the Label. Only Premium HDMI Cables are allowed to display and promote the official Premium HDMI Cable Authentication Label.
  4. The Power of Verification. Anyone can use the HDMI smartphone scanning app to verify the cable's certification and product information.
  5. Future-Ready. Cables certified under this program ensure installations are ready for today's 4K/UltraHD environment, and are future-proofed for the performance needed when equipment is upgraded or replaced.
  6. Enjoy your Xbox 1 or PS5 to its full HD capacity with this cable! 


  • Perfect for connecting your HDMI monitors, A/V receivers, and HDTV to game consoles and computers.
  • Supports HDMI resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz with up to 60FPS and below
  • Successful compliance testing done through Authorized Testing Centers (ATC)
  • Supports all the features contained in the latest HDMI specification
  • Fully HDR compliant to provide highest level of signal quality
  • Triple-layer shielding prevents any EMI from affecting the cable or surrounding equipment.
  • Standard 19pin connection, Male to Male, Type A Connection
  • Gold plated connecting pins and ground connections for optimum signal transfer
  • Delivers 18 Gbps bandwidth
  • HDMI High speed with Ethernet
  • 3D compatible
  • RoHS compliant


HDMI Version Version 2.0, backwards compatible to all previous versions
Cable Gage 3 Ft - 10 Ft Cable - 30 AWG;
15 Ft Cable - 28 AWG;
23 Ft Cable - 26 AWG
Resolution 4K and 2K at 60Hz
OD Ø4.5 ± 0.2mm
Jacket Material Black PVC
Max Bandwidth 18Gbps
Connector Material Gold-Plated Copper
Connector Type Standard Male to Male Type A, 19pin connector
Connector Depth 12 ± 0.2mm
Conductor Material Bare Copper
Contact Resistance 3 ohm Max
Shielding Material Aluminum Mylar
Insulation Resistance 10M OMH Min
DC-Resistance DC 300V 10M ohm
Refresh Rates 60fps

Additional Information

Please visit our Understanding HDMI Page to learn more about our HDMI cables and HDMI Technology in general.

HDMI Type Max Resolution Transmission Rate HDR Audio Support
1.4 4K x 2K at 30Hz 10.2 Gb/s No
ARC, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD
2.0 4K at 60Hz 18 Gb/s
HE-AAC, DRA, 32 audio channels
2.1 8K at 30Hz
48 Gb/s

What's in the Box

  • Qty 1 - HDMI 2.0 ATC Certified Premium Cable