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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

Communication and Control Cable 16/2 (19x29 TC Strand) 1000ft Gray

SKU: ASC4-4127/162
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Communication & Control Cable 21602SD/Equal To Belden 8719

Commercial Grade - RoHS Compliant - Meets NEC Guidelines & UL/ETL Requirements

Made in USA RoHS Compliant


Industry Equals Communication and Control Cable

This 16 AWG 2 Conductor Communications and Control Cable has tinned copper conductors with PVC insulation and short overall twist lengths. Cable has filler as required and shielded tape with a drain wire. The PVC jacket is Gray with sequential footage marking. Cables are manufactured to meet current NEC guidelines and are verified by outside standards organizations including UL and ETL. Cable is RoHS compliant and riser rated with NEC articles of 800 CMR 16-12 AWG CL3. The voltage rating is 300 Volts with a temperature rating of 75°C.

This cable can be used for the following applications, Security Systems, Intercom Systems, Sound/Audio System and Power-Limited Controls.

Cabling Design

A plenum space is the open area above the drop ceiling or below the floor that is used for air circulation in buildings. This could be a problem if there is ever a fire. Using non-plenum cables in a plenum space can spread fire and toxic smoke throughout a building. Plenum cable uses a flame-retardant jacket that is made of special plastics to prevent the release of harmful smoke. Plenum cable is mostly used in commercial applications such as schools and hospital buildings that house a large population of people. It also is required in most multi-floor business buildings with large plenum space areas.

Plenum vs Riser in Cabling Design

1. Plenum Rated Cable: Plenum cables have a higher fire rating and are designed with fire-retardant plastic jacket of either a low-smoke PVC or a fluorinated ethylene polymer (FEP).

2. Riser Rated Cable: Riser rated cables run between floors through cable risers or in elevator shafts in non-plenum areas. These cables must also self extinguish and prevent the flame from traveling up the cable in a vertical burn test.

3. General Purpose Cable: General Purpose cables have no fire rating. These are not comparable to Riser or Plenum cable jackets because when General Purpose cables burn they release smoke and toxins, as there are no fire safety aspects to these cables.

Primus Cable offers a complete line of communications and control cables. Shop high-quality communications and control cables.



  • 16 AWG tinned copper conductors
  • 2 conductors have short twist lengths
  • Shielded tape with drain wire
  • RoHS compliant and riser rated
  • Voltage rating: 300 volts
  • Temperature rating: 75°C
  • Applications include: security systems, intercom systems, sound/audio, power limited controls



Technical Specs
 Conductor  Tinned Copper
 Insulation  Equal to Competitor
 Jacket  Equal to Competitor
 NEC Articles  800 CMR 16-12 AWG CL2
 Voltage Rating  300V
 Temp. Rating  75°C

• Security Systems  • Intercom Systems  • Sound/Audio Systems  • Power-Limited Controls
 Color Code Chart  Equal to Competitor

Conductor Size # of Conductors Strand Outer Jacket Thickness Nominal O.D.
16 AWG 2 Cond 19x29 TC .032 INCH / .81 mm .313 INCH / 7.95 mm

Additional Information

Additional Information

Where to use Plenum Access Control Cable

A broad range of applications exist for access control composite cabling. It is widely used with keypad/card readers, retinal scanners, door contact, request to exit and lock power device connectivity in commercial settings such as schools, universities, hospitals, airports, government buildings, train and transportation centers, stadiums, and arenas. Since this access control cable has multiple conductors under one jacket, the preparation, set up, and termination time is shorter.

Plenum vs Riser in Cabling Design - Why Plenum?

Access Control Composite

The Access Control Composite series includes four components required for card readers, door contacts, locking power, and retinal scanners in commercial buildings, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, government buildings, and educational campuses.


Access Control Composite Cable

Primus Cable offers a complete line of communications and control cables. Shop high-quality communications and control cables.