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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
Wire & Cable Management

Wire & Cable Management

Wire & Cable Management Overview:

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Building an effective cable management system is an important step in any professional installation. A wire and cable management system in place allows you to keep your system organized and neat that will not only impress; it will improve overall performance. Cables that are properly organized and tucked away are less susceptible to tangling, snagging, and other environmental damage. Additionally, reducing clutter improves installation workflow and troubleshooting.

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By getting high-quality cable management and getting them from a company with a great reputation, you can make you and your customers happy. Again, the purpose of cable management is not only to neatly route cable through buildings; it is to make subsequent management easier. The larger your installation, the more important it is to utilize proper cable management and workstation organization. With our wire and cable management solutions, you will have everything you need to keep your cables neat and organized. With superior grade products at the most competitive products, what are you waiting for? Primus Cable offers a diverse set of solutions to wire and cable management.

Server Racks and Cabinets

In a professional industrial or commercial network, wire and cable management starts with your server racks and cabinets. This is where you will mount your patch panels, routers, Ethernet switches, servers, and other networking cable and hardware. The server rack that you choose will depend on the size of your data closet or hub space, your networking needs (e.g. how many end devices), and other factors. For example, you may need a full 48U open frame rack but may not have the room for a 4 post rack. In this case, you will get a 2-post free standing rack. In a large data center, your installation may require you to get multiple free-standing enclosures in order to manage thousands of connections. For smaller jobs (a small company, your home, a restaurant), you can often get away with SOHO portable rack systems, fixed wall mount racks, and swing-out racks.

We carry a large selection of server racks and enclosures designed to be rugged and durable solutions to your networking installations. Our server racks are designed to be a cost effective solution to your cable management and network infrastructure needs.

Wire and Cable Management Solutions

Server Rack Routing Attachments

From your networking hardware, you will route cables from your server racks to your cable runway system. D-rings, vertical cable managers, and cable ducts mount right onto your server rack and allow you to manage your wire and cable by routing them to the cable runway system.

D-rings – D-rings mount across your rack to channel hanging cable drops and patch cords off to the sides.

Vertical Cable Managers – Vertical cable managers provide structured vertical cable management. Managers mount to the sides or between Two Post Racks or Tandem Racks. Promotes a clean and organized cable system for patch cords and general cabling.

Cable Ducts – Available in both horizontal and vertical solutions, the duct cable managers allow you to neatly route cables into the slotted holes through the duct systems. The slotted ducts make it easy to identify where a cable goes, making cable troubleshooting easier.

Cable Runway Systems

Ladder Racks – A ladder rack system conveniently routes cables along cable runways and pathways of ceilings, walls, and floors, keeping cables accessible for easy wire and cable management. Our ladder racks provide superior strength and support with less weight. With straight sections, radius bends, and e-bends, ladder racks systems are highly adaptable, easy to install, and can accommodate virtually any room layout.

Wire Cable Trays – Cable trays provide support and a bridge passageway for low-voltage cable to travel. They are a much more efficient solution than open wiring, and more dynamic than conduit systems. Each of these wire cable trays integrate splice/bonding loops that enable faster installation with less labor and materials. With an array of attachments and options, you can easily configure obstacles and make vertical changes.

J Hooks – Mounting to walls and ceilings, j-hooks are multipurpose cable management solutions that provide stress free routing to distribute your cable drops from rack to end devices.

Raceway Molding – Ideal for managing drops, runs, and short extensions of cable, keeping them covered and protected. These molding are an attractive solution to wire and cable management, blending into walls and ceilings for a sleek appearance

Ties and Clips

Ties, clips, and heat shrinking tubes will be used throughout the entirety of any installation to keep cables neatly routed along channels and runways. They provide ways of protecting cable from damage as well as relieving stress from cable runs.

Hook and Loop Cable Ties – Keeps cable in place, bundling multiple cables and tying them to a secure location. We carry a variety of options, including Cable Catch, Lite Wrap, Cinch Strap, and many more.

Nylon Cable Ties – Quick and easy, simple to use. Like the hook and loop, nylon cable ties will bundle cable together and keep cables in place.

Nail-in Clips - Nail-in clips are designed to accommodate most coaxial cable and similar types of communications lines. Suitable for use indoor and outdoor wire and cable management, they are convenient under baseboards, lining the wall or floor, and many other areas.

Primus Cable strives to be an end-to-end solution for you wire and cable management needs. Please, view our wire and cable management page in order to find out more about our products and how they can help you. For any questions and pricing inquires, feel free to give us a call. 951-824-1571

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