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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

Fire Alarm Cable - FPLP - Unshielded Plenum, 16/2 AWG Solid Bare Copper Conductors, Red Jacket, 1000 Feet

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Plenum Fire Alarm Cable with Two 16 Gauge Conductors

The Plenum (FPLP) Fire Alarm Cable has two 16 gauge solid bare copper conductors. This plenum FPLP fire alarm cable has a low smoke PVC jacket safe for installation through environmental airflow spaces. Sequential footage markings on the jacket help facilitate the installation process, as you always know how much cable is remaining.

When lives are on the line you need to buy the highest quality fire alarm cables you can from a source that you can count on. We are a reputable name in the industry and supply only high quality products. Why do you need fire alarm cables? If a fire occurs you depend on the fire alarm system triggering the sprinklers in the building and set off the smoke alarms warning people to evacuating the premises.

Fire Alarm System Applications

There are many uses for a fire alarm cable such as smoke alarms, smoke detectors, voice communications, microprocessor controlled systems, pull boxes (fire alarm signals), burglar alarms, and other low voltage applications. Fire alarm circuits control and power applications such as safety functions, elevator capture and shutdown, door release, and damper control.

Fire Alarm System Cables

Fire Alarm Products

We offer a variety of shielded and unshielded Plenum, Non-Plenum and Riser fire alarm cables FPLP and FPLR, ranging from 18 AWG to 12 AWG solid bare copper conductors. These fire cables are flexible for easy installation. With our commitment to quality and dependability our cables are ETL Listed and RoHS Compliant. Plenum rated fire cables means it can be run in the area between floors that is used as duct area or other air space. Plenum refers to the material used in the jacket of the cable burns less than non-plenum cables.



  • Low smoke generating FT6 plenum rated PVC jacket
  • Sequential footage markings on jacket
  • Unshielded
  • ETL listed
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Voltage rating: 300V
  • Temperature rating: 75°C
  • Made in USA
  • Fire alarm wiring
  • Fire protection
  • Signals
  • Monitoring and detection systems
  • Audio circuits
  • Notifications circuits
  • Control circuits
  • Initiating circuits
Conductor Insulation Colors
  1. Black
  2. Red



Physical Construction

Inner Conductor Solid Bare Copper
Conductor Size 16 AWG
Insulation Low Smoke PVC
(0.010 in.)
Nominal OD 4.17 mm (0.164 in.)
Outer Jacket Diameter .381mm (0.015 in.)
Jacket Low Smoke PVC
Jacket Color Red
Shielding N/A

Electrical Characteristics

Temperature 75℃
Voltage Rating 300 V
Color Mode Black

Additional Information

Plenum vs Riser in Cabling Design - Why Plenum?

A plenum space is the open area above the drop ceiling or below the floor that is used for air circulation in buildings. This could be a problem if there is ever a fire. Using non-plenum cables in a plenum space can spread fire and toxic smoke throughout a building. Plenum cable uses a flame-retardant jacket that is made of special plastics to prevent the release of harmful smoke. Plenum cable is mostly used in commercial applications such as schools and hospital buildings that house a large population of people. It also is required in most multi-floor business buildings with large plenum space areas.

Plenum vs Riser in Cabling Design

1. Plenum Rated Cable: Plenum cables have a higher fire rating and are designed with fire-retardant plastic jacket of either a low-smoke PVC or a fluorinated ethylene polymer (FEP).

2. Riser Rated Cable: Riser rated cables run between floors through cable risers or in elevator shafts in non-plenum areas. These cables must also self extinguish and prevent the flame from traveling up the cable in a vertical burn test.

3. General Purpose Cable: General Purpose cables have no fire rating. These are not comparable to Riser or Plenum cable jackets because when General Purpose cables burn they release smoke and toxins, as there are no fire safety aspects to these cables.

Cable Fire Ratings

There are a variety of characteristics to consider when purchasing cable for an installation, from the conductor gauge to the jacketing material. Cable jackets provide mechanical, fire, chemical, and installation protection to the important inner parts of the cable. The efficiency of their protection is dependent upon the materials the jacket is made of. There are a few different categories of jacketing material, and within those categories there are different fire ratings. The two main, and highest-quality, jacket types are Plenum and Riser, but there is also General Application and Outdoor cable jackets.

NEC Articles National Electrical Code

  • 800 Communications Circuits
  • 725 Remote Control, Signaling, Power-Limited Circuits
  • 760 Fire Alarm Systems
  • 820 Community Antenna TV and Radio Distribution Systems
  • 770 Circuits and Equipment Operating at Less Than 50 Volts
  • 830 Network-Powered Broadband Communications Systems
Cable Fire Ratings

Cable Fire Ratings - Terms to Know

  • CMP: Plenum Communication Cables. CL3P: Class 3 Plenum, commonly used for Commercial purposes CL2P: Class 2 Plenum, commonly used for Residential purposes
  • FPLP: Fire-Power Limited-Plenum, for use in Plenum Spaces
  • CMR: Riser Communication Cables. CL3P: Class 3 Riser, commonly used for Commercial purposes CL2P: Class 2 Riser, commonly used for Residential purposes
  • FPLR: Fire-Power Limited-Riser, for use in non-Plenum spaces
  • CL/CM/CMG: Refers to the fire rating for general purpose cable jackets. These jackets are not suitable for commercial applications and should not be used in Riser or Plenum spaces.
  • FPL: Fire-Power Limited, for general applications.
  • CMX: Outdoor Application Cables

            To learn more about our Fire Alarm Bulk Cable here is a link to a page containing more information on our premium Fire Alarm Bulk Cable.

            What's in the Box

            What's in the Box

            • Plenum (FPLP) Fire Alarm Cable, 16/2 AWG Solid Bare Copper Conductors, Red Jacket
            • Qty - (1) 1000 Ft