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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

Cage Nuts and Rack Screws

Cage Nuts and Racks Screws for Server Racks

Cage nuts and rack screws are the hardware used to attach server equipment to the vertical mounting rails on your server rack. When it comes to server rack equipment, there are three types of rack screw threads: 10-32, 12-24, and M6. The first set of digits indicate the size, while the second set of digits refer to the number of threads per square inch.

Common Rack Screws:
  • 10-32 Rack Screws These are the most common type of screw historically. Our 10-32 rack screws have a pilot point that helps prevent cross threading and helps guide the screw in. Constructed with cold-forged steel and have a black oxide with wax finish. We carry 50 packs, 100 packs, 2500 packs, and 5000 packs.
  • 12-24 Rack Screws These rack screws are becoming more popular than the 10-32 style. They are larger and have courser threads. The strength and durability of the 12-24 rack screw is on par with the best.
  • M6 Rack Screws This is a metric screw, which is actually M6 x .01mm. Ours sell in packs of 30.

We provide a variety of cage nuts in 10-32 and M6 styles. Our highly popular Network Rack, 10-32 Cage Nuts - 50, 100 & 2500 Pack come sealed in a re-sealable metal container. Most server rack cabinets, four post racks, wall mount cabinets, wall mount racks, and two post racks require cage nuts for mounting equipment. The thread size of the cage nut must match that of the rack screws in order to properly install. Our 10-32 cage nuts are available in packs of 50, 100, and 2,500.

The captive nut and spring steel cage feature wings that can be compressed to snap into the square holes found in universal/punched panel rails. Unlike slide on cage nuts, this design locks the cage nut securely in place. These cage nuts are made to last, with a hardened steel composition with a clear zinc finish. This provides added strength, making them better suited for threading.

We also provide sturdy, dependable server rack screws like the Network Rack, 10-32 Screws - 50, 100, 2500 & 5000 Pack. These are American made, so you can trust that they uphold a secure environment for your network equipment. Composed of cold forged steel with a black oxide and wax finish, these rack screws are made to stand the test of time.

They have Phillips truss heads and measure 0.75 inches in length. The straight pointed section below the thread helps self-guide the screw to prevent accidental stripping, while making it easier to install. These rack screws are also RoHS compliant and are provided in 50, 100, 2,500, and 5,000 quantities.

We are an end-to-end provider of networking products including Server Racks. We offer an extensive selection of server storage units including: fixed wall mount, free standing enclosure racks, portable server racks, swing out wall mount enclosures, and four post open frame racks, just to name a few. We also provide rack accessories and brackets to customize a server rack to your particular needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or email us.