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CAT5E Bulk Ethernet Cable

Our Bulk CAT5E Ethernet Cable is manufactured to function as the core component of your CAT5E Ethernet network. With that in mind, we have employed over two decades of firsthand experience within the industry to assemble a superior selection of Bulk CAT5E Network Cable in order to further optimize your application, indoor and outdoor.

CAT5E Cable We Recommend

Primus Cable offers plenum (CMP) rated cable; plenum retains the highest degree of flame-retardant material within the jacket, deeming this type of cable suitable for placement within environmental airflow spaces and/or high-rise applications. For more information on the different jacket types, check out our blog post on Learning the Difference Between Riser Plenum and General Application Jackets.

Our CAT5E Plenum Bulk Ethernet Cable, CMP, Shielded Solid is an excellent option for your plenum network application. The 24-gauge (AWG) solid copper conductors of this cable are arranged into color coded twisted pairs; the shielding is cast in aluminum foil that surrounds the cable wires, protecting against potentially detrimental electromagnetic interference (EMI). The CMP jacket is engineered to resist burning and harmful smoke generation in the event of a fire. This plenum CAT5e Ethernet cable is also equipped with FEP insulation and a longitudinal rip cord to easily open the jacket. With 1000ft pull boxes available, experience a simplified installation process and quickly establish your network.

Primus Cable also provides cable equipped for the outdoors. We understand that outdoor applications reveal a new set of challenges, one of them being moisture. There have been a number of advances made to outdoor (CMX) Ethernet cable, one of them is water-block tape. For more information, check out our blog post on Outdoor Cable!

The CAT5E Outdoor Bulk Ethernet Cable, Direct Burial Shielded Solid Copper, Water-block Tape is constructed to function as a sustainable method of expanding your network outdoors and beneath the ground. The 24 AWG solid copper conductors are protected with water-blocking tape, designed to repel excess moisture. Our cable is further reinforced by high-density polyethylene insulation with aluminum foil and mylar shielding for the copper conductors. Additionally, this direct burial CAT5E Ethernet cable has a CMX rated jacket for underground applications and is available in lengths of 250, 500, and 1,000 feet for your custom application. 

Got networking tools?

Primus Cable is your one-stop-shop for networking with items including connectors, keystone jacks, crimping tools, and more. Having high-quality and reliable tools on the job maximizes productivity and reduces future expenses. Get the job done right the first time, every time.

Need more information?

Representatives at Primus Cable are standing by and geared to assist you with any further inquiries. We strive to find the solutions to your questions through knowing our products and offering our expertise in order to ensure that you are satisfied. Trust that our team is here to help in any way feasible.

We appreciate your interest and thank you for visiting the Primus Cable website. 

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