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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

CAT5E Keystone Jack

CAT5E keystone jacks are an integral part of any high speed voice, data, or video network. These standardized female connectors are used for inserting multi-conductor Ethernet cable into wall plates, patch panels, or surface mount boxes. We offer excellent value and selection with our line of keystone jacks including: MIG+, shielded, high density, tool-less, and snap-in styles.

A Closer Look | CAT5E Keystone Jacks We Recommend

To make the most efficient usage of a limited networking space, we offer the CAT5E Keystone Jack, Unshielded, MIG+, High Density. With its tight form factor, this CAT5E keystone jack is ideal for high density networking applications. Utilizing press-fit technology, this CAT5E keystone jack is made with a solder-less design for gas tight electrical connections. This allows the installer to avoid quality problems like cold spots, voids, splatters, and cracks from working with solder. Furthermore, gold plated nickel contacts provide corrosion resistance, while upholding superior signal conductivity. Fire retardant plastic housing provides additional durability and reliability against environmental wear. And this keystone jack is available in up to eleven different colors to suit your project.

When making network connections around sensitive electronics or high voltage, Primus Cable supplies the Shielded CAT5E Keystone Coupler, Snap-In. This keystone coupler is fully encased in metal to protect the RJ45 connection from outside electrical interference. This CAT5E keystone coupler provides a female-to-female feed through connection to easily connect two Ethernet cables. No solder was used in its construction, so this keystone jack delivers reliable clean connections. Small form factor enables it to fit in tight spaces on patch panels.

Need to connect two CAT5E Ethernet cables directly together? Primus Cable has the solution: the CAT5E Inline Coupler, Unshielded, Snap-In w/Keystone Latch. This CAT5E keystone coupler is designed for high density applications and has gold plated nickel contacts for improved signal clarity. The design feature of this keystone jack also minimizes crosstalk.

For more of an economy-driven RJ45 connectivity solution, we have the U-Style CAT5E Keystone Jack. This keystone jack is available in both shielded and unshielded versions to suit the nature of your project. The unshielded jack is available in up to ten different colors; it supports 90º 110-type IDC termination and has easy to read wiring labels to facilitate quick installation.

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