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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.


Coaxial Type



RG11 Connectors

RG11 BNC and F-Type Connectors for Your CCTV/CATV System

CATV wiring projects utilizing thicker RG11 coaxial cable need a particular type of coax connectors to maintain high signal quality. Our RG11 connectors have a 75 ohm resistance and are available in BNC and F style. Our RG11 connectors are premium quality and made to last.

RG11 Connectors We Recommend

The RG11 Standard Pro SNS™ Universal 7/16” F-Type Connector delivers superior return loss characteristics due to better impedance stability within the signal path. This RG11 connector uses an air dielectric within the transition area of the connector which also contributes to the improved return loss. It has a 7/16” nut with a 30% increase in thread count to help create a secure and weather-tight termination and increased pull out strength.

Installing plenum RG11 coax? We also supply the RG11 Plenum Male Pro SNS™ Universal 7/16” F-Type Connector. A floating pin insertion mechanism guides cable insertion for ease of installation. The pre-positioned plastic sleeve can be detached. This RG11 connector also features a patented O-ring at the base of the nut for secure, weather tight termination. An air dielectric design yields better performance and excellent return loss.

Don't forget the tools!

The SealSmart II Coax Compression Tool, BNC/F/RCA Connectors is a must have for the CATV installer. The SealSmart II Coax Compression Crimp Tool utilizes a universal head design that will work with all standard compression connectors available on the market, including right angle and RGB mini. The lock washer on this crimping tool holds the head in place once adjusted to the proper crimp stroke.