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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

RG59 Siamese Cable

RG59 Siamese Cable for your CCTV

The cable of choice for CCTV installers, RG59 siamese cable is an economical solution for surveillance networking. Save on both time and labor costs as a single run of RG59 siamese cable can supply both data and power to cameras. This cable is manufactured of quality materials with solid bare copper conductors, not copper clad aluminum.

The RG59 Siamese Coaxial Cable, Indoor, 20 AWG BC has 20 gauge solid copper conductors with 95% copper clad aluminum braid shielding to protect the data signal. The power lines are 18 gauge with unshielded stranded conductors. This RG59 siamese cable is provided in both 500 foot and 1,000 foot quantities, and has both black and white PVC jacket colors.

Finish the Network

Of course, no surveillance network is finished without the proper surveillance equipment. Don't forget to browse our selection of surveillance cameras and choose the right camera to suit the needs of your network.

We offer all the equipment you need to expand your CCTV network, including a wide variety of cable cutters and strippers. Our cable cutters make clean, precise cuts without damaging the cable dielectric or insulation and help ensure a smooth install process.

Thank you for considering us as your one stop shop for CCTV networking cable and accessories. We offer quality products you depend on to get the job done right the first time, and under budget. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you with any questions you might have.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or email us.
  • Siamese Cable 20AWG RG59 BC Coaxial Cable, 18/2 Power Cable
    from $150.00

    RG59 Siamese Coaxial Cable: 20 AWG Bare Copper, 95% Bare Copper Braid, 18/2 Stranded Bare Copper, for CCTV

    Primus Cable

        Minimum Quantity Order May Apply 1000' Supplied on a Wooden Spool 500' Supplied in a Reel in Box Description RG59 Siamese Coaxial Cable for ...

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    from $150.00