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Digital SmarTone Generator & SmartProbe Kit

SKU: TL4-4189
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Digital SmarTone Generator & SmartProbe Kit

The SmarTone generator and SmartProbe is a revolutionary network installation and troubleshooting tool, it goes entirely above and beyond the traditional methods to trace and identify cables. In the past, when using a tone and probe tool you had to listen quite closely to identify the tone signals; it was easy to confuse the signal with surrounding noise making it difficult to be certain of the results.

The SmarTone and SmartProbe uses advanced digital signal technology to trace and identify cables with high speed and precision; avoiding noise and false signals. It is a true breakthrough beyond traditional testing methods. This tone generator and probe system is compatible with traditional analog tone generators. Finally, it is not only a digital tone and probe, but also a cable tester; it can test cable continuity telephone service/polarity, and even wire mapping.


  • Uses digital signal technology, avoiding noise and false signals
  • Traces and identifies cables quickly and accurately
  • Traces cables at a distance
  • Identifies cables in bundles or at patch panels
  • Sends digital/analog tones in two distinct modes: one note-tone and two note tone
  • Receiving tone sensitivity level: 9 levels
  • LED bar and speaker are used as indicators
  • Can use probe to trace traditional 1K Hz analog tone
  • Cable map: pin to pin test for cable opened/shorted/reversed/crossed/miss-wired
  • Telephone service and polarity test: + polarity; - polarity; ringing
  • Probe has an adjustable speaker volume level suitable for various work environment
  • Auto power-off and low battery indicator


SmarTone Generator Specifications
Output power 5V
Voltage protection 100V (tele check)
Tone frequency Encoded digital tone signal; Legacy 1K Hz analog tone signal
Power supply and life 9V square battery; the power consumption is less than 15mA
Auto power off  Soft switch, push to select the power on/off, with 30 min. auto power off ability
Weight 108g
Smart Probe Specifications
Tone detection Detect digital tone from SMARTone and 1k Hz analog tone from traditional toner
Voltage protection 100V (tele check)
Power supply and life 9V battery, the power consumption is about 45~Max. 70mA
Power switch Manual power on/off switch
Dimensions  205mm x 35mm x 33.5mm
Weight 100g

What's In The Box

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