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TOGGLER Plastic Commercial Drywall Anchor - 5/8" - 3/4"

SKU: ANC-50325
Package Quantity

Made in USA

Screws NOT included with 100 pack.


TOGGLER® Plastic Commercial Drywall Anchor

The TOGGLER® plastic toggle wall anchor provides secure holding power for light and medium loads in all walls. Designed for optimum holding in hollow walls, such as drywall and gypsum board, the anchor locks on walls and ceilings in its grip range for vibration-proof holding. That's why it's holding up the sprinkler system in the Tokyo subway! City officials wanted to make sure that the sprinklers would stay up during an earthquake. The anchor also holds securely and functions as a wedge anchor when it encounters a wall thicker than its grip range... It functions as an expansion anchor in solid walls and in wooden studs.



  • Tensile strength tested to hold up to 159 lbs in 5/8" drywall
  • Locks on wall, forming rigid weight-distributing truss for high strength
  • Anti-rotation fins prevent spinning - anchor won't destroy wall or ceiling
  • All sizes install in only a small 5/16" hole
  • Versatile and is compatible with multiple screw sizes #6 - #14
  • Largest grip range for each anchor - 5/8" - 3/4"
  • Industry safety standards recommend 1/4 of ultimate load.

TOGGLER® hollow-wall anchors can be used in almost any material, including:

  • Drywall
  • Gypsum Board
  • Plasterboard
  • Green Board
  • Acoustic Ceilings
  • Plaster
  • Thin Paneling
  • Hollow Core Doors
  • Masonite® Panels
  • Sheet Metal
  • Fiberglass



Tensile Pull-Out Values [lb]

Part Number Package Qty. Setting Keys Qty. Fully Toggled Wedge Expansion Anchor Screw Size Range Drill Size
ANC-50325 5 1 T = 5/8"-3/4" T > 3/4" X = 1 1/2" D = #6-#14
TL = 1 1/2"
L = 1 1/2"+S
Ø = 5/16"
ANC-50550 20 2 T = 5/8"-3/4" T > 3/4" X = 1 1/2" D = #6-#14
TL = 1 1/2"
L = 1 1/2"+S
Ø = 5/16"
ANC-11011 100 3 T = 5/8"-3/4" T > 3/4" X = 1 1/2" D = #6-#14
TL = 1 1/2"
L = 1 1/2"+S
Ø = 5/16"

Material - Specially formulated grade of self-lubricating, translucent polypropylene that blends into wall color & texture Non-conductive (Dielectric constant 2.30x10^6 Hz), allowing safe anchoring of electrical apparatus Non-corrodible (safely used with stainless steel screws in corrosive environments) Toughness with elasticity, even at temperature extremes in the range from -20º F to 212º F Low friction, self-lubricating - facilitates screw insertion

Screw specification - within each screw range, use any sheet metal screw or other screw with a sufficiently long thread [i.e., above the minimum screw thread length (TL) shown in the chart below] [NOTE: only the threaded (TL) portion of the screw should be in the anchor itself; any unthreaded shank (S) portion of the screw may be in the fixture or item being anchored, but not in the anchor]

Setting Keys - Use red [TK] setting key for setting anchors in hollow walls within their grip range.

Behind the wall clearance for operation - All anchors

Fed Specs - Type IV anchor in Federal Specification FF-B-588D (superseded)

Additional Information

Additional Information

TOGGLER® Accessories

TOGGLER® supplies superior performing drywall anchors suitable for a wide range of light through heavy duty applications. Their multi-purpose anchors are the best performing on the market for quick, secure fastening. We provide the TOGGLER® Drywall Anchor, SnapSkru®, and SNAPTOGGLE® all of which are manufactured in America.

To learn more about our variety of Dry Wall Anchors please visit our overview page. TOGGLER® Dry Wall Anchors come in a variety of styles and sizes such as:

What's in the box?

What's in the box?


  • Qty 5 - TOGGLER® Plastic Toggle Drywall Anchors, 5/8" - 3/4" Grip
  • Qty 5 - #8 x 1¾" combo head screws
  • Qty 1 - Setting Key


  • Qty 20 - TOGGLER® Plastic Toggle Drywall Anchors, 5/8" - 3/4" Grip
  • Qty 20 - #8 x 1¾" combo head screws
  • Qty 2 - Setting Key
  • Qty 100 - TOGGLER® Plastic Toggle Drywall Anchors, 5/8" - 3/4" Grip
  • Qty 3 - Setting Key