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Fiber Cleaning Kit, Cletop SB, One-Click Cleaner, Cleaning Fluid, FCC3 Debris Destroyer™, FiberWipes

by AFL
SKU: FCP2-10-0900
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Disclaimer: The above photo is not the exact image of the product in the kit.


Fiber Optical Connector Cleaning Kit

FCP Cleaning Kits from AFL offer a complete selection of fiber optic cleaning products for field cleaning of connector end faces in a convenient duffle bag style carry case. The Basic Cleaning Kit includes FCC2 Cleaning Fluid, FCC3 Debris Destroyer™, One-Click Cleaning Pens for SC, ST, FC, LC and MU connectors, FiberWipes, and a Cletop SB Cassette Cleaner. 

  • Cleaning saves time and money!
  • Dirty connectors cause a major percentage of fiber optic network failures
  • Prevention is simple clean connectors!
  • Proper cleaning saves money by eliminating service calls caused by dirty connectors
  • Extend the life of fiber connectors and reduce replacement costs
  • Clean connectors maximize the performance of the network and reduce repair cost


  • Complete kits for field cleaning connectors on jumpers and through bulkhead adapters
  • Convenient duffle bag style carrying case
  • Carry case offers room for additional cleaning supplies or test equipment


  • Complete kits for cleaning SC, ST, FC, LC, MU, and MPO connectors
  • Includes products for cleaning connectors on jumpers and through bulkhead adapters
  • Includes wet and dry cleaning products to effectively clean a variety of contaminants
  • Clean, inspect and test


Additional Information

What's in the Box?

  • FCP Fiber Cleaning Kit with Duffel Bag
  • 1.25mm One-Click Cleaner Pen for SC, ST Connectors
  • 2.50mm One-Click Cleaner Pen for LC, MU Connectors
  • FCC2 Fiber Cleaning Fluid
  • FCC3 Debris Destroyer
  • FiberWipes
  • Fiber Cleaning Cassette Cletop (Type SB)