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Media Converter, MultiMode-SingleMode, Fast Ethernet, 2-20K, Duplex SC

SKU: MC-4465/100M/MM/SM
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Media Converter, Fast Ethernet, 100Base-FX MultiMode 2K to Single-Mode 20K, Duplex SC

100M adaptive fast Ethernet optical media converter is used for optical transmission via high-speed Ethernet. It is capable of switching from optical MultiMode to optical Single-Mode and relaying across 100 Base-FX network segments, meeting long-distance, high-speed and high-broadband fast Ethernet workgroup users' needs, achieving high-speed remote interconnection for up to 2km for MultiMode and 20km on Single-Mode relay-free computer data network.

With steady and reliable performance, design in accordance with Ethernet standard and lightning protection, it is particularly applicable to a wide range of fields requiring a variety of broadband data network and high-reliability data transmission or dedicated IP data transfer network, such as telecommunication, cable television, railway, military, finance and securities, customs, civil aviation, shipping, power, water conservancy and oilfield etc, and is an ideal type of facility to build broadband campus network, cable TV and intelligent broadband FTTB/FTTH networks.

The MC-4465/100M/MM/SM is an auto-adaptation unmanaged media converter that provides an interface between 100BASE-FX Duplex SC Multimode Ports to 100BASE-FX Duplex SC SingleMode ports, allowing users to integrate fiber optic cabling from MultiMode to Signle-Mode environments or vis versa. This Media Converter is in accordance with Ethernet standard IEEE802.3, 100BASE-FX.


  • In accordance with Ethernet standards IEEE802.3, 100Base-FX
  • Supported Ports: MultiMode & Single-Mode SC optical fiber
  • 1310nm Wavelength for both MultiMode and Single-Mode
  • Up to 6 LEDs for status indication of optical power port and UTP port
  • DC power supplies provided
  • Support for full/half-duplex flow control
  • Supports transmission distance up to 2km for MultiMode and 20km for Single-Mode
  • RoHS Compliant


  • For integrated data network for multimedia such as image, voice and etc.
  • For point-to-point computer data transmission
  • For computer data transmission network in a wide range of business application
  • For broadband campus network, cable TV and intelligent FTTB/FTTH data tape
  • In combination with switchboard or other computer network facilitates for: chain-type, star-type and ring-type network and other computer networks

Application Industries

  • Intelligent transport monitoring system
  • safety and security monitoring system
  • campus network
  • industrial monitoring (electric power, chemical industry, steel, oil, railway and water conservancy etc.)
  • military monitoring (warehouse, guard and confidentiality etc.)
  • TV program transfer system




What's in the Box

  • 1 Media Converter, Fast Ethernet, 100Base-FX MultiMode 2K to Single-Mode 20K, Duplex SC
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • 1 User™s Manual