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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

LC UPC 12 Fiber Single Mode Pigtail, Jacketed, 3M

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SKU: FB34-5680-S12L3


LC Fiber Pigtail, 12 Strand Jacketed, 3 Meter (9.84 feet), Single Mode UPC Polish

Available in Single Mode with UPC Polish Type or in Multimode OM1/OM3

Fiber pigtails are a great solution for fusion splicing inside of a fiber optic enclosure. Each strand is terminated on one end and the other end is left blunt so that it can be spliced to your drop cable to eliminate the need of pesky field terminations. Our fiber pigtails come with a partial outer jacket to help protect the tight buffer fibers from being damaged. If space is a premium, the outer jacket can easily be removed, allowing the pigtails to have a tighter bend radius and take up less space. These LC pigtails are available in Single Mode, Multimode OM1, and Multimode OM3 pigtail designs.

Be sure to take a look at our splice trays to ensure that your fusion splices are well protected. We also offer all of the fiber optic termination tools that you would need.

Cleaning your fiber connector end faces and components regularly is crucial for avoiding a total network failure. Ensure your optical fiber system is working properly and prevent major network issues with fiber cleaning kits, pens, fluids, and wipes.


  • Protective outer jacket, which can easily be removed for tighter spaces.
  • Pre-terminated fiber to reduce installation time and ensure accuracy.
  • Available in Single Mode UPC, Multimode OM1, and 10G Multimode OM3.
  • 12 LC connectors ready to plug directly into an adapter panel.


Connector Type: LC
Strand Count: 12 Fibers
Length: 3 Meter / 9.84 Feet

Fiber Type: Single Mode UPC
Jacketed: Yes

Additional Information

Fiber pigtails are great for splicing inside of wall mount fiber enclosures and fiber patch panels. Also, ensure the protection of your fusion splices by using a splice tray and fusion splice sleeves.

Other helpful tools when working with fiber optic pigtails:

  • Fiber stripper
  • Fiber cleaver
  • Fusion splicer