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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

Military Polyurethane Fiber Optic Cable, Single Mode, Outdoor Tactical Breakout

by OCC
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Military Fiber Optic Cable, Single Mode, 9/125, Outdoor Tactical Breakout, Polyurethane

This single mode military tactical breakout cable is ideal for outdoor applications where deployment and retrieval for reuse is required. Having an extremely strong, lightweight and rugged design, the mil tac single mode cable is designed for military tactical field use and commercial applications. The 2.0mm subcables allow for easy direct terminations of fiber connectors on each individually jacketed strand. These tactical breakout fiber cables have been tested for and are currently in use in military data communication applications worldwide.

With options to be pre-spooled on deployable reels for a ready-to-use product and pre-terminated with single fiber or ruggedized multichannel connectors, these military tactical cables can be customized to your specific application.

Cleaning your fiber connector end faces and components regularly is crucial for avoiding a total network failure. Ensure your optical fiber system is working properly and prevent major network issues with fiber cleaning kits, pens, fluids, and wipes.


  • Extremely strong, lightweight, rugged, survivable tight-buffered cables designed for military tactical field use and commercial applications
  • Polyurethane jacketed for abrasion, cut and chemical resistance
  • Core-locked jacket for improved mechanical performance
  • Breakout cable design with individual color-coded subcables protecting each optical fiber
  • Crush resistant and resilient, with two seperate layers of aramid strength members in the subcables for individual single-fiber connector and termination pin, and overall for termination to multiway connector backshells or other housing
  • Helically stranded cable core for flexibility, deployment survivability and exceptional mechanical protection for the optical fibers
  • Cables have been tested and are in use in military data communications applications worldwide
  • Can be used outdoors for temporary deployment directly on the ground, in all terrains, including severe environments
  • Suitable for industrial, mining and petrochemical environments - chemical resistant
  • Round cable design for easy installation and survivability
  • Ideally suited for use with MIL-C-38999 style military connectors - subcables terminate to individual pins and overall aramid strength member terminates to backshell
  • 2.0 mm subcables standard
  • Tactical Polyurethane (C) outer jacket material is standard. Flame- retardant tactical (V) and Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen (G) outer jacket materials are available
  • Ultra-Fox Plus fiber used for the ultimate environmental and mechanical protection


  • Ground-tactical cable that is ideal for use in harsh environments where deployment and retrieval for reuse is required
  • Ideal for applications that require termination of the subcables to a connector


  • Mil-Tac cables prespooled on deployable reels for a ready-to-use product
  • Mil-Tac cables can be pre-terminated with single-fiber or ruggedized multichannel connectors upon request


Jacket Characteristics

Operating Temperature: -55ºC to +85ºC
Storage Temperature: -70ºC to +85ºC
Crush Resistance: 440 N/cm (EIA/TIA-455-41A military requirements)
Impact Resistance: 200 impacts (EIA/TIA-455-25A military requirements)
Flex Resistance: 2,000 cycles (EIA/TIA-455-104A military requirements)