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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

Slack Storage Bracket Sno-Shoe, 7"

SKU: FB26-7541-7
Mounting Kit
Various lead times may apply to this product. Please contact us for more details.
Made in USA

Cables and vaults not included with purchase.

For aerial applications, please make sure to select the "aerial hardware" as the mounting kit option.


7" Plastic Snow-Shoe® for vault and aerial Applications

This Plastic Sno-Shoe® offers the ability to store slack cable effectively and efficiently. It is cheaper than buying additional cable and it allows for emergency repairs, growth and expansion, splicing and general maintenance. The Sno-Shoe® will ensure that correct installation practices are being carried out and will adhere to the bend radius of the cable. A storage unit is much more convenient than a vault or storage box as well. They are small, and can fit in spaces that other storage units cannot. Along with this they are much cheaper than boxes or cabinets and help to reduce inventory and operating costs.

Product Quality

This unit can be aerial, wall mounted or used in a vault to neatly store excess cable. This product comes supplied with aerial mounting hardware, which can be selected in the 'Mounting Kit' dropdown menu above.



  • Compact design provides slack storage in compact areas.
  • The plastic material design makes the Sno-Shoe® non-conductive.
  • Countersunk nut wells for easy one tool installation.
  • The captive design allows the installer to simply lay the cable in the trough, leaving both hands free to secure the cable to the unit.
  • The multiple slots allow you to secure the cable with either heavy duty tie wraps or stainless steel straps. These slots also allow you to secure additional cable to the unit in expansion situations without having to remove any of the previously installed cable from the unit and also allows for water and ice drainage.
  • Prevents micro bends in fiber optic cable.
  • Provides consistency and regularity in fiber-optic loops.
  • Solution to spacing problems on poles.
  • 20-year pro-rated warranty.



External Dimensions
Length Width Depth
13" 11" 1.6"
Channel Dimensions
Length Width Depth
22" 1.75" 1"
Internal Dimensions
Diameter Bend Radius
7" 3.5"
Physical Properties
Weight Material Color
2 lbs Plastic Black

Additional Information

Additional Information

Installation Applications

Two typical applications for the Plastic Sno-Shoe® are illustrated below:

Application 1
Strand Storage Installation

Application 2
Butt Splice Installation

Sno-Shoe Installation Applications

Note: Illustration does not portray actual shape of featured product.

Application 3 — Vault Installation (not illustrated above)

  • No mounting kit required for installation