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Raceway Latch Duct, Pre-Adhesive Backed, 6 Feet Long

SKU: RWD-4529-W

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Adhesive Back Raceway Latch Duct

Our Latch Duct Interior Plastic Raceway System is a 1 piece design that hinges open for installation access. The molding can be used to route and protect cabling for low voltage data, voice, video, and fiber optic applications. Fittings are available for routing direction changes, extending, and terminating the molding. All bases incorporate a 1" minimum bend radius as recommended for fiber optic cables. The molding is manufactured using a special purpose profile extrusion alloy resin and the fittings are manufactured using an injection grade resin. The product can be painted with latex paint.

Product Quality

This latch duct raceway features a highly flexible hinge and self-locking latch for quick and easy installation. It can be easily accessed as many times as necessary without stress cracking or discoloration.

Durability & Strength

This product is constructed from Special Purpose Profile Extrusion Alloy Rigid PolyVinyl Chloride to offer enhanced impact resistance and toughness, offering a crush resistance of 300 lbs. per GR3126 Requirement.

Architectural Latch Duct (MRM)

  • Architectural MultiRaceway holds communication cables to a 1 inch bend radius, thus maintaining end to end connectivity even when filled to capacity or pulled through the raceway.
  • Category 5, 5E and 6 1" bend radius compliant.
  • Fast mounting one piece design.
  • The MRM Series Latch Duct Raceway is an adhesive backed, highly flexible, one piece design that installs quickly and easily.
  • The one piece design constructed of 94V-O rigid vinyl features a highly flexible hinge and self-locking latch.
  • This can be easily accessed as many times as necessary without stress cracking or discoloration.

Additional Information

Additional Information

This fitting is fitting is comparable to the following Panduit, Wiremod, Tyton and Dek part numbers:

Size Penduit Part Number Wiremold Part Number Tyton Part Number Dek Part Number
0.75" W x 0.5" H x 6' L LD3 2700 TSR1-6A 043-LD00
1.25"W x 0.75"H x 6'L LD5 2800 TSR2-6A N/A
1.75"W x 1"H x 6'L LD10 2900 TSR3-6A 042-LD00