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Flat Ethernet Patch Cables

Flat Patch Cables

Want to provide connectivity within limited networking areas? Primus Cable supplies flat CAT6 Patch Cords with a slimmer design to fit around possible obstructions; its slender design allows it to work around your networking area in an unobtrusive manner, providing plenty of ventilation room for server equipment and such. In both commercial and residential environments, the flat CAT6 Patch Cords can connect printers and computers, while easily maneuvering behind cubicles and furniture.

There are a wide variety of uses for the flat patch cable. With a thin design and 32 AWG conductors, it is now easier than ever to run this category cable under-carpet, along baseboards, and even more. Whenever you find yourself needing a more flexible and thinner patch cord, these can be your new solution.

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