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Laser Light Source for Fiber Testing

The optical laser light source is a tool used when testing fiber optic cable in conjunction with a power meter. The laser light source emits electromagnetic radiation often in the form of a visible class 2 laser. This laser is shined through the length of fiber being tested and its strength is interpreted by a power meter on the opposite end.

The laser light source helps detect faults, breaks, microbends, and link-loss. It is also used to certify LAN/WAN fiber networks. We stock laser light sources which are stabilized for accurate return loss measurement in fiber optic cable. Primus Cableoffers the Greenlee Mini Dual Light Source, which is available in both single mode and multimode versions.

The pocket sized Mini Dual Light Source is NIST standard calibrated with a 2kHz. tone output for fiber identification when used with a power meter. A universal 1.25mm adapter is available for compatibility with all common connector types such as: FC, SC, ST, and LC. This device is sold with a long lasting battery, or may be configured for AC power operation.

The Greenlee Mini Optical Power Meter is designed to work with the aforementioned laser light source. Equipment is available in calibrated wavelengths of 850nm, 1310nm, and 1550nm. 1,000 measurements for each of the four wavelengths can be stored on board the device. Test results can be uploaded to a PC via the mini USB port, results and be reviewed by using the scroll function. An audible tone is heard on detection of a 2kHz. modulated signal from the light source.

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