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Water Block - Communication Cable - Sun Resistant Direct Burial, CL3/FPL Rated, 18/2 AWG Stranded (7), Unshielded, 1000 Ft - Black

SKU: WB-2961-182

Multiple Conductor 600V PLTC/Water Block/Sunlight Resistant CL3/FPL Rated

Made in USA RoHS Compliant ETL Verified logo


Unshielded 18/2 Water Block Cable:

Our water resistant communication cable is a multiple conductor alarm wire for your security system, intercom system, sound/audio system and power-limited controls. This cable is an unshielded direct burial cable and is available with stranded bare copper conductors, pvc/nylon insulation, water block tape, aluminum polyester foil with drain wire, and a black pvc jacket. It is also sunlight resistant.

Multiple Conductor 600V PLTC/Water Block/Sunlight Resistant CL3/FPL Rated

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Our Bulk Security Alarm Cables, also known as alarm wire, has been designed to meet the installation requirements for alarm systems. Our stock has a wide variety of high quality alarm cables to meet all your needs. Our bulk security cables come with both riser and plenum rated jacket. Be sure to check the building code requirements before purchasing alarm cable. The alarm cable also include print legends to allow for quick identification of each cable's application. Time is precious and the convenience of the cables at installation makes our security alarm cables the choice for multiple applications.

Security Alarm Cable - Riser (CMR) - 22/4 CL2R, Solid BC, Unshielded,

Where to use Plenum Security Alarm Cable

A broad range of applications exist for bulk plenum security alarm cabling. It is widely used with security systems, intercom systems, sound/audio systems, and power-limited controls in commercial settings such as schools, universities, hospitals, airports, government buildings, train and transportation centers, stadiums, and arenas. Since this security cable has multiple conductors under one jacket, the preparation, set up, and termination time is shorter.



  • Low Voltage Process Control Circuits
  • Power-Limited Circuits
  • Power-Limited Fire
  • Security Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • Sound/Audio Systems
  • Power-Limited Controls
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use


  • Unshielded Direct Burial
  • Water Block Tape
  • Sun Resistant
  • 18/2 AWG - 7 Strand Bare Copper Conductors
  • PVC/NYLON Insulation
  • 600V PLTC
  • Black PVC Jacket
  • Qty: 1000 Ft
  • Conductor Jacket Color:
    1. Black
    2. Red



Water Block Cable Multiple Pairs:

Technical Specs:

Conductor: Bare Copper
Insulation: PVC / NYLON
Jacket: PVC
NEC Articles: 725/760
Voltage Rating: 600 Volts
Temp. Rating: -39°C to 90°C Dry / 75°C Wet
Applications: Low Voltage Process Control Circuits | Power-Limited Circuits | Power-Limited Fire Protective
AWG / Cond Strand Outer Jacket Thickness Nominal OD Available Putups
18/2 7 .040 Inches 1.02 mm .270 Inches 6.86 MM 500 ft / 1000 ft

Additional Information

How to Select CM, CMR and CMP Cable?

CMR: The 'R' in CMR is for 'Riser'. Riser type cables are engineered to prevent the spread of fire from floor to floor and are suitable for vertical shaft applications.

CMP: The 'P' in CMP is for Plenum. Cables meeting type CMP requirements are suitable for installation in ducts and plenums without the use of conduit. These cables are designed for fire resistance and low-smoke and toxin producing characteristics.

CMX: The 'X' in CMX is for Outside Plant. Cables meeting type CMX requirements are suitable for installation in outdoor applications where exposed to the elements.

CM/CMH/CMG: CM is used for general building wiring such as residential house. CM cables are used in areas other than plenums and risers.

Where to use Plenum Security Alarm Cable


Why Plenum?

A plenum space is the open area above the drop ceiling or below the floor that is used for air circulation in buildings. This could be a problem if there is ever a fire. Using non-plenum cables in a plenum space can spread fire and toxic smoke throughout a building. Plenum cable uses a flame-retardant jacket that is made of special plastics to prevent the release of harmful smoke. Plenum cable is mostly used in commercial applications such as schools and hospital buildings that house a large population of people. It also is required in most multi-floor business buildings with large plenum space areas.


What's in the Box

What's in the Box

  • Security Alarm Cable - Water Block, Sun Resistant Direct Burial, CL3/FPL Rated, 18/2 AWG Stranded (7), Unshielded, Black
  • 1000 Ft