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CAT6A Bulk Ethernet Cable

Should your objective be to establish a network that is backwards compatible with legacy networks including CAT5e and CAT6 ethernet cable, while acquiring the potential of doubling the bandwidth in comparison to the precursor, CAT6a ethernet cable is the answer. CAT6a Ethernet cable carries an unyielding data signal up to a 328 feet total distance with minimal crosstalk. What is more, Primus Cable stocks a wide variation of CAT6a cable to fulfill the demands of your application, remaining capable and compliant far into the future.

CAT6A Ethernet Cable We Recommend

Ethernet cable intended for network installation within air handling spaces must have a plenum rated jacket; this is inherently to reduce the risks of smoke inhalation in the case of a fire through the utmost fire-retardant construction.

Primus Cables offers CAT6A Plenum Bulk Ethernet Cable, CMP, Solid 23AWG 1000FT for plenum applications. This cable comes in 6 color variations, supplied on a wooden spool. In addition, this network cable is manufactured with a low smoke generating FR-PVC jacket to resist sweltering and the spreading of toxic fumes in the case of a fire. The 23 AWG solid copper conductors are arranged into four color striped pairs to facilitate installation.

For floor to floor applications that do not occupy plenum airflow spaces, riser rated cable suffices as a means of hindering the spread of flames and smoke to an extent lesser than plenum, though still effective within particular indoor areas.

Primus Cable also stocks CAT6A Riser Bulk Ethernet Cable, Solid Copper UTP CMR, 23AWG 1000FT for riser applications. This particular cable has high density polyethylene insulation and a CMR riser rated jacket suitable for indoor installations including inside walls to serve as a backbone. With color-coded twisted pairs to cover the solid copper conductors and 8 color variants available for the jacket, found a reliable network that fits your specifications. 

For more information about jacket types and the differences between them, check out our Blog Post.

Got RJ45 connectors? And everything else to go with them?

Find everything that you need for your networking project in one place. Primus Cable provides all the components necessary to sustain your application. From bulk CAT6a Ethernet cable to CAT6a RJ45 connectors, we have it all and offer same day shipping to so that you won’t have to wait. For information about how to terminate CAT6a cable, check out our guide to Terminating RJ45 Connectors!

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