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Plenum Security Cables

Plenum Security Cables include alarm wire with a CMP plenum rating for vertical, floor to floor applications or through environmental airflow (plenum) spaces. Its polyvinylchloride (PVC) jacket is engineered to resist burning and the spread of toxic smoke in event of a fire. This makes plenum security alarm cable safer for indoor wiring and for building code compliance.

For more information about cable jackets, check out our blog post, Learning The Difference Between Riser, Plenum, and General Application Cable Jackets.

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Plenum (CMP) 22/4 AWG

Our Best Selling 22/4 CMP Cable: The cables are made from 7 strands of bare copper cable. It is unshielded with a plenum CMP-rated white-colored jacket and is made in the USA.

Plenum (CMP) 22/6 AWG

Our Best Selling CMP Shielded Cable: The cables are made from 7 strands of bare copper cable. It is shielded with a Plenum CMP Rated white colored jacket and is made in the USA.

Plenum (CMP) 22/2 AWG

Our Best Selling 22/2 CMP Cable: Order this reliable and durable 22/2 stranded, unshielded, plenum-rated cable for all your long-term indoor security, monitoring, access, and lighting needs. The cable is RoHS certified, so it’s safe for families, children, and staff. It is made in the USA.

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Surveillance and Security Systems

We sell professional CCTV monitoring solutions for your company or private residence: Dome Surveillance Cameras, Bullet Cameras, PTZ Surveillance Cameras, camera housings, and mounts, surveillance video recorders to ensure your cameras and footage are secure.
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Security Tools

We offer a full line of cable tools from cable testers, hand tools, fusion splicers, tool kits, and more. Any installer who has experienced subpar tools knows that there’s simply no substitute for high-quality tools.
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Cable management

We provide a wide selection of cable ties, cable trays and cable runway systems. Our hook and loop cable ties secure bundles of cables while mounting them in a secure location.
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